Disneyland Paris And A Fluffy Braid Out (Video)

I think I’m getting the hang of this video making stuff. I still can’t figure out which area of the camera I’m supposed to be looking at while talking but bear with me, it’s a learning curve.

I’m actually a bit late in putting this video up, I actually shot it last week while we were still in Paris but I had to figure out how to put two videos together which I only got round to doing this week. It’s not the best quality because there wasn’t a good source of light in the hotel room 🙁

Well, we were away for 6 days total but in Paris for just 4 days. Because of the distance we decided to split the drive over two days both going and coming back. Here’s what we did while we were away:

I would just like to add that although Paris is great and all (looks exactly like the UK btw), it was helluva stressful trying to remember to drive on the right hand side of the road (when everyone knows that you should be driving on the left). I think Americans drive on the wrong side of the road too, what’s up with that?

I admire people who learn new languages as adults but I genuinely don’t have any particular urge to learn one myself. I did want to learn French when I was younger but now my mind is too full of hair related stuff, wealth building and side hustles to dedicate any brain space to learning French, German or Spanish. I’ll learn a couple of curse words, as one does, but that’s about it.

It’s funny how we get so excited about going to these new places and seeing different cultures and how people live in other countries but once we get there we want them to be exactly like we are back home.

To put it into context, the whole time I was in France I didn’t learn a single new French word. I’m still stuck at Bonjour, Bonsoir & Aurevoir. Oh and perhaps Je m’appelle Alma. I was surprised to learn that a lot of French people actually don’t or won’t speak to you in English and all I could think was WHY NOT?? Yes, it turns out I’m one of those annoying foreigners that expect the world to mold itself around them! Who knew? lol

I noticed that in the shopping malls they will tend to translate some of their signs or window dressing banners into English, perhaps because some of the shops’ parent companies come from English speaking countries yet we don’t pay them the same courtesy over here, I wonder why. By and large however, road signs remain stubbornly in French.

If you are like me then I would advise that you keep your foreign excursions to English speaking countries as that’s what I plan to do in the future. Otis and I might pop to Amsterdam for a few days later this year but I am working on our next family holiday being in Montego Bay Jamaica. It’s looks lush.

Oh well, in spite of the language barrier while we were in France, at least we got back with a trunk full of cheap French wine aka a booze cruise.

Talk soon ladies.

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  • Interesting I would’ve expected everyone to speak English. Typical American though, we’re ego-centric here! I cracked up at the “everyone knows you should be driving on the left” comment – um no ma’am!!!

    • I thought so too Ebony but no the French prefer to speak French. lol The British are also ego-centric too smh