All I Want For Christmas Is Shiny Waves!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas, I know I did. I didn’t drink much, mostly because I like to drink some ruby port at this time of year but because it’s so strong, I usually can’t have more than one glass without feeling woozy.  😉 When my hair gets frustrating I find that putting it […]

Henna Treatment For Strength And Cuticle Smoothing

I used to love my henna treatments a few years back but once I started coloring my hair with box colors I had to give up the henna because of their incompatibility. Well after deciding that the health of my hair and cuticles is more important than highlights (although I reserve the right to change […]

Review of the kinky straight hair

Ok, after wearing the kinky straight hair for 3 weeks, I am in a position to give a review on it. I have to say firstly, I expected more. When you spend over $100 for a pack of hair, you expect it to be the business. This hair was not, it was very average indeed. […]

I Tried Curlformers

I got bored of the individual braids after about 3 weeks! I don’t know why I even bother braiding to be honest. I think I will just look after my own hair as it is just for the sake of consistency. I have been wearing my hair in braid out’s since I took the braids […]

Aveda did not stand the test of time this time

I’m afraid after 6 days of straight hair, aveda brilliant finally gave in to the humidity today! Technically, my hair was still straight but it was huge! It’s about time I wore some natural styles anyway so I don’t mind. I may just do some individual braids with my own hair or with the outre […]