I Have Achieved My Goal – Waist Length At Last!

**Warning** This post will be a picture fest! Exactly 4.5 years ago in July 2008 I discovered the online hair community and I decided to start stretching my relaxers. The stretch turned into a full blown transition with a dream of someday having waist length hair. That day is today (well, last week really) Yaaay!!!!! As I […]

All I Want For Christmas Is Shiny Waves!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas, I know I did. I didn’t drink much, mostly because I like to drink some ruby port at this time of year but because it’s so strong, I usually can’t have more than one glass without feeling woozy.  😉 When my hair gets frustrating I find that putting it […]

Mini Braids Reduced To Braided Roots Wash Day

I have been toying with the idea of switching to natural only hair products, I am starting to get suspicious of all these long-name-ingredients on all my hair products. Take Methylisothiazolinone for instance. It shows up in the ingredient list of a gel that I bought today. Wikipedia says that it is a powerful antimicrobial ingredient used in […]

Is There A ‘Safe’ Way To Wear A Braidout?

Further to my post on the main site about braidouts, I wanted to state categorically that I love me a braidout! I’ve always preferred myself curly not to mention that it is the easiest way to style my hair week in week out. As I said in last week’s newsletter I had a few emails […]

My First length Check Of The Year – BSL!

How strange, when I first started my journey to long hair I used to drool over length pictures of ladies with BSL hair just praying for the day mine would reach that length. Well today is that day and yet . . . . I still don’t feel like it’s long enough! I mean sure, […]

Anyone’s Hair Can Grow, Even A Man’s!

But I guess you knew that already? Ok, here’s the shortened version of the story. As some of you may know, I decided to transition after my last relaxer in July 2008. Earlier that year, I met my boo, the wonderful Otis. I’ve always had a thing for long hair in a man so I […]

The Final Results of Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Well, I can officially say that I am done heat training. Hooray! Yesterday I washed my hair after my BKT of 4 days ago. What can I say about this treatment . . . . I love it!!! If only I remembered the results I’d had with it last year I would have saved myself […]

Wash and go, my own hair

Just a quick update, I was missing my own hair after a month of weaves etc so I unleashed it and did the classic wash and go. I simply washed and conditioned my hair and applied some eco styler gel while in the shower (no combing). Look at the comparison from my wash and go […]

Afro Kinky Curly Lace Wig

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a lace wig! Yes, it’s an afro kinky curly one from a lovely Chinese vendor called Rex, got his website address from BHM. Anyway, I ordered it in 1B, 14 inches with light brown lace. To tell you the truth, I was torn between ordering the wig or […]

Blending With Weave Hair Is Too Hard

In this humid weather we are having, blending my hair with the straight weave has been a nightmare. After  a day and  a half my leave out hair had already reverted to a kinky straight look and when my hubby said ‘Oh I can see the difference between your hair and the weave now’ I […]

I installed my own weave!

I’ve never been big on weaves (on me that is). I go to BHI or LHFC and see all these beautiful installs and I’ve always thought they either cost a fortune or the upkeep is too much of a hassle. Secretly I always thought that installing a weave was an excuse not too look after […]

Hair Straightening Update

I know I said I wouldn’t straighten my hair until next month but I decided on a whim that I would like to have a straight hair week. I washed my hair and deep conditioned with the carmel treatment. After co-washing with a cheapie con in the shower, my hair felt so smooth  I was […]