My Product Junkiesm Rears It’s Ugly Head Again – My Hair Product Haul!

Years ago I thought that I’d finally beaten the product junkiesm that plagued me during my early years of being natural and by and large I have remained free of it in the last few years. But I need a PJ Anonymous meeting right about now. Since BHI is currently partnering with CURLS products, a […]

Complete List Of All My Hair Products & Styling Tools

I get a lot of emails asking which products I use on a regular basis. I have created this page to show my entire product stash. Even though I’m constantly buying new hair products, I don’t jump on bandwagons and I don’t consider myself a product junkie either (;-)). Bear in mind that I don’t […]

Organizing My Hair Product Stash

I like to think of myself as a very organized person. As soon as I acquired a few hair products at the begining of my hair journey, I purchased a drawer set for them and in the last 3 years, the drawers have never failed me. In fact the only issue I’ve had with them […]