An Update On My Sister Tasha’s Hair

After almost a year today I finally spoke to my girl Emily Cotton Top on the phone today. It’s weird how you can work with someone for so long and have no idea how they sound. Accent doesn’t travel well over blogs so I was oddly tickled to hear her American accent, naturally everyone sounds […]

Is Consistency Really All That Important Or Do We Naturals Just Stumble Into Long Hair?

I have been enjoying watching some classic naptural85 & haircrush videos this week which got me thinking about how I approached my hhj in the beginning. I’m not a flake. Or at least I make a concerted effort not to be. Yet sometimes I feel that I change my mind so often it surely cant […]

Complete List Of All My Hair Products & Styling Tools

I get a lot of emails asking which products I use on a regular basis. I have created this page to show my entire product stash. Even though I’m constantly buying new hair products, I don’t jump on bandwagons and I don’t consider myself a product junkie either (;-)). Bear in mind that I don’t […]