One Of The Only Stylists That I Would Ever Let Touch My Hair

Based on this title you may think that I have something against stylists. I don’t. No really I don’t. It’s just the ones I have come across so far have not impressed me enough for me to put my head within reaching distance of their salons. I came across Renice’s website years and years ago at the beginning of […]

How I Color My Hair And My Wash Day

I have always loved hair color but years ago circa 2007 when I was still relaxed, I never got the memo that it was a really bad idea to color relaxed hair. On a whim I did just that. I adored my hair immediately after but literally two weeks later, majority of it had broken off. […]

My Own Hair Straightened, An Update

I got ‘weave checked’ today, by my sister of all people! She asked me ‘is that a weave?’. I said no but she proceeded to dig her fingers into my scalp anyway just to make sure. It was funny but it also got me thinking, is my hair approaching ‘long’ now? My hair touches the […]