Aveda did not stand the test of time this time

I’m afraid after 6 days of straight hair, aveda brilliant finally gave in to the humidity today! Technically, my hair was still straight but it was huge! It’s about time I wore some natural styles anyway so I don’t mind. I may just do some individual braids with my own hair or with the outre batik curly braids I have in the cupboard to tide me through the next few weeks. Won’t straighten again until possibly June when I am doing a length check so I’m back to protective styles until then! Yaay!

Aveda brilliant

So my verdict on Aveda Brilliant Anti humectant? It’s still the only thing that will keep my hair straight for more than a day so in my books its a winner. I guess if you are natural and don’t straighten often enough to allow for heat training then nothing I’ve found yet will keep your hair longer than a week! Unless anyone else has found something?

Ps, I will be updating pics of my braids in a few days (I have a 7 month old so it takes a while to braid my hair! lol)

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