Changed things up again- a new install!

I am vey fickle it seems. Just two weeks after my indi afro, the tangles I was experiencing were driving me nuts. I’m not sure if it was the way I was looking after the hair or maybe just the quality? In any event, I cowashed it every morning and let it air dry without touching it too much but in a few hours it would be a tangled nest. Not to mention that I was losing copious amounts of the hair in my comb every time I detangled. It was then that I decided that straight weave would be easier to manage.

I installed a cheap human hair brand. I think it’s called Premium Now and is available at most stores. It’s 14 inch human hair in body wave (girl’s got to have a bit of curl!). It only took an hour and a half to sew it in.

Anyway, I left out about half an inch at the front and straightened it to blend with the weave. The blending is not that great since I am unwilling to apply the amout of heat needed to get my hair dead straight (not to mention that I don’t think even then it would match the weave exactly). Also my own hair is a brown-red colour on the ends compared to the 1B black colour of the weave. Here are the pics of the install:

new weave install

In spite of everything, I can live with it as long as it doesn’t tangle and is not very high maintenance. Time will tell huh? You may ask why I’m even bothering with weaves when I can’t seem to keep them in long. The answer is simply that I am in need of a good protective style that keeps my damaging hands out of my own hair. I am every bit as fickle with my own hair and I get bored of the same style way to quickly. I just figure that if I have to be playing in hair all the time, it may as well be shop bought hair and not my own!

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