The Final Results of Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Well, I can officially say that I am done heat training. Hooray! Yesterday I washed my hair after my BKT of 4 days ago. What can I say about this treatment . . . . I love it!!! If only I remembered the results I’d had with it last year I would have saved myself the hassle of heat training sessions and went straight to BKT. Anyway, all’s well that ends well. BKT is only a temporary treatment for 3 months or so but the results for me have been immediate and dramatic and I don’t mind redoing it every now and again just because of how great it makes my hair feel!

On the subject of my hair, I am in looooove with it! How vain, I know but it’s the truth. It is outrageously smooth and soft and if I told you that my hair is actually coarse, you would call me a liar! My hair also clumps better so my curls are more defined and they don’t coil so much at the ends any more which means no more single strand knots! Yay!

Anyway, without further ado, lets remind ourselves of how my hair looked before I began heat training.

This is my hair damp without any product a few months ago:

damp hair no product

Here is my hair yesterday without product. Some strips at the front look a bit straight but they curled right back up as the hair dried!

bkt hair damp

Here was my wash and go hair wet with gel a few months ago:

wash and go with gel

Here is my wash and go wet with gel now:

wasn and go with gel wet

I can’t find a good picture of my dry wash and go from a few months back so for comparison purposes I will have to show you a dry wash and go from last year! My hair used to dry hard and shrinkage was out of this world!

dry wash and go

Now my hair still poofs up something fierce when it is dry but the ends do not coil up on themselves, they remain nicely rounded. There is also much less shrinkage. Here is my dry hair:

dry wash and go 2

All in all I am very happy with the conclusion of my heat training regimen. For upkeep, I plan to BKT my hair every few months or whenever it wears out and I will straighten my hair whenever it strikes my fancy as I used to before. I will now go back to wearing wash and go’s on occasion, braid outs often and weaves to rest my hair as I make my way to BSL hair. I’ve got 2 inches to go and because I get only about 4 inches a year, it should be 6 months or so.

My next post will be about how I changed my virgin curly hair weave to kinky curly without chemicals!

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  • NappyKati

    What's the length of your hair straightened and the length when it's not straightened?

    • BHI

      Straightened, my hair has just gone past arm pit length but it shrinks up to shoulder length when curly, At the back though it is probably just below shoulder length.

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  • CW

    hum, now I”m looking into heat training and come across this option… Are you doing your own BKT? I’m surprised that this is safer than actual heat training, I always thought a lot of heat was used with the BKT…child I have so much to think about! lol.

    • Yes I did my own BKT (I haven’t done one for over a year now though!). I didn’t use as much heat with my BKT as they recommend. I use my flat iron at the usual temp (around 350-380) and I only do around 5 passes instead of the usual 10. With heat training, you are having to do the same amount of passes as the BKT but for weeks on end so it’s way more heat. If you don’t plan to wear your hair straight all the time then BKT is the way to go. But if you are planning to wear it straight anyway, then I would say you shouldn’t bother with the BKT and just straighten as necessary, it will take a good few months depending on how often you do it to see results. Word of warning, tread lightly when it comes to heat