Silk (Saran) Wrap Treatment

I’m due to wash my hair tomorrow as per my weekly regimen but as I don’t often straighten my hair and I am really enjoying the  straight look now, I would like to see if I can keep it straight for another week (or maybe just a few more days). However, my hair feels like it is in need of moisture. This week I have been moisturizing my ends with mango butter but in the interest of getting real moisture (a moisturizer with water as the first ingredient) in my hair, I decided that I wanted to use s curl.

I know what you are thinking, won’t my hair revert? Well, see how I did the silk wrap and my results!

Here is my hair before the silk wrap. Still relatively straight but didn’t feel ‘right’

Silk (Saran) Wrap Treatment

Applied about 4 squirts of s curl to the ends of my hair

Silk Wrap Treatment 2

I quickly brushed my hair into a wrap

Silk Wrap Treatment 3

Applied the saran wrap (cling film) over my head

Silk Wrap Treatment 4

I sat under the dryer on medium for 10 minutes and this is how it looked when I took it down. The volume of the hair had reduced considerably and it looked lovely and smooth

Silk Wrap Treatment 5

Combed my hair out, it was so silky smooth I couldn’t believe it! It felt even better than when I’d first straightened it last week!

Silk Wrap Treatment 6

Not bad for 20 minutes total huh??

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  • Selly222

    LOVE it.

  • Hkaren528


    Very nice!! I used this method and it worked well for me. I am in the beginning stages of transitioning from a perm to natural hair. This really helped my roots lay down.