My Own Hair Straightened, An Update

I got ‘weave checked’ today, by my sister of all people! She asked me ‘is that a weave?’. I said no but she proceeded to dig her fingers into my scalp anyway just to make sure. It was funny but it also got me thinking, is my hair approaching ‘long’ now?

My hair touches the top of my bra strap but I realised that I wear my bra quite high so bsl has little meaning to me. It’s more a full arm pit length than anything. Certainly, my hair is now longer than it’s ever been in my life but I just don’t feel like its long enough. Not trying to be ungrateful but until this stuff growing on my head is touching my bum, I won’t be satisfied!

Here are the fruits of my labour this past weekend, I got my hair dead straight this time, cannot imagine what I did differently but it I love how easy it is to look after when it’s straight.

hair straightening update



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  • curlyprincesses

    LOL at.. until your hair touches your bum you won’t be satisfied.. good one