Heat Training – Session 3

My third session went by without a hitch. I cannot honestly say that I see much of a difference in my hair. Well maybe the back section hangs a bit better but my ends are still as coily as ever! Another thing is I got totally bored with wearing straight hair so the day after my heat training, I braided my straight hair into 7 cornrows and wore a braid out for the following couple of days.  I love the braid out look on straight hair, just lush!

stretched braid out



I washed my hair soon after this style had expired. Even though I wasn’t due another heat training session, my scalp was itchy and needed a wash so I obliged. I did the tension blow dry method to get my hair stretched and did the cornrow braid out again. It came out much fuller than the one with straight hair, didn’t like it as much but it was still cute!



It seem my hair is more resilient than I thought and it wants to hang on to it’s curls. It’s definitely going to take more than 4 heat training sessions to see any real losening of my curls so for now I would rather call myself a straight hair natural. I’m way to scared of my hair to allow it to do its own thinng in its natural state because I WILL get single strand knots. On that subject I now notice that all my previous single strand knots have miraculously dissapeared.

As I mentioned before, this used to happen to me a lot in the past. I would notice the ssk’s then leave them alone. A few weeks later they would be gone, obvioulsy because the hair was breaking at the site of the knot where it is weakest. Hopefully this should be the last I see of them.

Anyway, I was not in the mood to straighten my hair again for my 4th heat training session so I decided instead to try something new. It’s my old ‘braided roots’ style with cornrows at the front. This is the only way I would dare allow my hair to shrink at the moment without getting the dreaded ssk’s. As you can see, there is barely any loosening of curl pattern, it’s just hanging lower because I braided my hair half way down:




Just a quick update, I have purchased a wet to straight flat iron! I know, sounds like a bad idea but all the research I have done suggests that it may be better than flat ironing dry hair. In any event, the flat iron only cost £30 so I won’t be annoyed if I have to relegate it to the bin if it doesn’t work out. I actually tried straightening a small section of my damp hair the other week with my ghd’s. It came out very straight and if it means that I can bypass the whole blowdrying phase then it can only be a good thing.

My next update will be my review of the remington wet to straight flat iron! It hasn’t arrived yet but I’m giddy with anticipation!!

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