Heat Training Hair – Session 1

I did my first heat training session on Thursday. It was an interesting experience. I washed and conditioned my hair on Wednesday evening, I was going to deep condition but my 11 month old daughter wouldn’t let me! My hair was already straightened from the week before and I had no intention of detangling so I washed it in the little braids below.

little braids


I let the braids air dry and even though they had shrunk alot, there were no tangles! On Thursday morning, I used my blow drier to stretch my hair out and smooth the ends in prep for straightening.

I BOUGHT A GHD, THE WORLDS BEST STRAIGHTENER! Sorry to yell there but a ghd deserves some noise!! I finally bit the bullet and got it during a shopping trip last weekend so I couldn’t wait to use it.

I parted my hair before begining because the top and front sections of my hair grows out in waves rather than curls like the rest of my head, so doesn’t need to be heat trained. I only did 2 passes of the styling iron on these sections. The rest of my hair had 15 passes (eek!) but the ghd did an excellent job of it at 180 (356) degrees and it had a lot of swing and bounce but was full of body. Ghd’s don’t go above 180 (356) because according to their research, temparatures above 180 don’t get the hair any straighter, they just damage it. I’m not sure what difference the temparature will make because brittanic16 did 20 passes at about 230(450) to get the results she did.

heat training


Just for comparisons sake, here is how my hair looks freshly washed with no product and this is the picture I shall refer to to see if the heat training is working. I took this picture about 2 weeks ago.

damp hair no product


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  • Adrienne

    Hi, Can you please tell us about your beautiful highlights what color are they?

    • BHI

      Thanks! The highlights were done by me at home. I just used a box bleach blond kit, only lifted a bit of the colour for 20 minutes and not more. A few days later I used henna to reduce the brassiness and that was it!

  • Doris Odoi

    Hi,  like your web site. It's full of information, the best info on hair care so far.  I would like to know what  heat training is?