Photos From Straightening With The HANA Titanium

Just a follow up post from the review I did on the 1.5″ HANA Titanium. Here are all the pictures I took of  Tasha on the day. She has 4a/4b hair which was washed in braids, blow dried and straightened with just a heat protection serum:

Here is the HANA as it arrived in the box:

HANA Titanium


Here is Tasha after the wash, she’s got typical 4a/b hair:

Tasha wet natural hair


Here she is after the blow dry. We used the stretch blow dry method:

Tashas blown out natural hair


And after flat ironing and styling:

Tashas hair straightened with HANA Titanium


Now my turn! I blew out my hair with the tension method same as Tasha:

Almas blown out hairc

Ok now a comparison of when I straightened my own hair with the GHD last week and the HANA this week, GHD . . .

Almas hair flat ironed with GHD


HANA . . .

Almas hair flat ironed with HANA Titanium


I got much more smoothness with the HANA with the same temparature and the best thing, there was no snagging! Oh yes, you may also have noticed that I have coloured my hair. Love it!

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