Oh wow! I got my hair so straight!


No, I didn’t get the ghd in the end. I decided that I would treat myself to it once I reached a weight loss goal that I’m aiming for. Instead I just got the lovely aveda brilliant anti-humectant from lookfantastic.com as my previous tub had ran out. Today I straightened my hair with my faithful babyliss straightener. I used tresemme heat protectant spray for blow drying and fantasia ic straightening serum for flat ironing. OMG, I am surprised, it usually takes me 4 hours to straighten my hair but today I was done in less than 2! I did larger sections today and oddly enough my hair was straighter than both the other times I’d flat ironed. Can’t imagine why!

Anyway, once I was done with the straightening, rather than following the instructions and using a small amount of Aveda brilliant rubbed over my hair, I parted my hair in sections and applied small amounts close to the roots of the hair as this is where it is likely to revert first. Once I was done, I used my paddle brush to make sure that all the strands were covered. I’m just about to wrap my hair now but the proof will be on Monday when I work out. If my hair does not immediately revert then my experiment will have been a success. It remains to be seen!

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