I Tried Curlformers

I got bored of the individual braids after about 3 weeks! I don’t know why I even bother braiding to be honest. I think I will just look after my own hair as it is just for the sake of consistency. I have been wearing my hair in braid out’s since I took the braids down and I’ve loved it because it’s so easy.

The product junkie in me couldn’t help but buy CURLFORMERS after I saw all the threads and you tube videos about how great they are on natural hair blah blahblah. If you don’t know what curlformers are take a look at their website

It was a unique experience. The first time I sat down after having freshly washed my hair, I thought it would be an easy peasy job to put them in. Was  I wrong!! It took me about an hour and a half total to put them in my hair. It seems there is a technique involved in getting them in efficiently, one that takes time to get right. I do not have that skill but still I plodded on. This is how the curlformers look when they are all in.

curlformers in hair

Well after the exhausting experience, I sat under the dryer for an hour and then took the curformers down. I loved how smooth and soft my hair was, right up to the ends!

This was my hair after taking the curlformers out.

Although I like the curlformers and I know it will be easier to put them in once I get the hang of it, I wasn’t really sure how to wear my hair after I had taken them down. As with all afro hair, it takes a curl a little too well so they were defined as they were but when I tried to separate the curls a bit to style them, they started frizzing up on me so I ended up wearing my hair in a curly puff.

Curlformers are great but somebody has to educate me on what to do when I take them down to keep the curls looking decent!

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  • ainsley's mom

    I am trying to grow out my 11 year old daughter's natural hair, which is only 9 inches long. Would you recommend your regiment for her hair? I usually wash, condition and keep it in twists or braids.

    • Absolutely! I would get rid of a few of the more time consuming parts of my regimen like henna or clear rinses but otherwise it's fine to use the same regimen on a child.