I installed my own weave!

I’ve never been big on weaves (on me that is). I go to BHI or LHFC and see all these beautiful installs and I’ve always thought they either cost a fortune or the upkeep is too much of a hassle. Secretly I always thought that installing a weave was an excuse not too look after your own hair and lets be honest here, many ladies do this!

I had a weave a good few years ago and had it on for a total of 3 uncomfortable weeks. I realized that the brider had braided the back of my head too tight and the hair had broken off from the root (it took me years to get my nape to look normal again)!

After that traumatic experience, I vowed never to go to a stylist again and I never have. Last year after seeing a few youtube videos of self installing weaves I decided to give it another go. This was an unmitigated disaster because I didn’t close the weave properly and the tracks were visible at the top. The worst thing though was that I seemed to have a reaction to the hair and was itching like crazy. That weave lasted a grand total of 3  days!

So it was with that history that I decided last week to climb the weave bandwagon again. I installed 1 pack of Model Model Indi Afro 12 inch in 1b. It was a quick install that only took me an hour and a half. After I was done I lifted some colour off the top few tracks to better match my leave out hair. Incidentally, I only left out a inch side part section on which I did a braid out to match the curly weave. I chopped the weave and thinned it until it looked ‘right’.

Shockingly, I actually loved it! Here’s how it looked:

I installed my own weave




Anyway, this was last week but I got to thinking that it would probably be easier if I didn’t have blending to deal with. So today I decided to redo the weave with a few cornrows at the front so I wouldn’t have to deal with blending. I like it even better this way! I can’t promise to keep it on as long as some of the proper weave veterans ( I hear some people manage 4 months!). Nah, since I wet my hair daily, I can’t see this lasting more than a month but for now I’m just glad that I can get my hair wet every day without having to detangle it!

Here is how it looked after I put in the cornrows:

I installed my own weave 2


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