Hair Today: Lovely Twist Out

I don’t often dabble into the world of twist outs. Firstly because they don’t stretch my hair as well as braids and secondly inch for inch, they cause more tangles than braid outs. My hair also doesn’t seem to agree with the torsion twist demanded when creating the style.

That could be more to do with my hair type (pretty coarse) because my daughter’s hair doesn’t seem to have a problem with twists.

Anyway, I did this twist out on wet strands with some Keracare twist and define cream. I’m not a huge fan of it any more, it seems to be pretty greasy without actually keeping my hair moisturized for any length of time which is pretty useless.

In truth I’m still in search of the perfect curl defining twist cream that will keep wet hair stretched without shrinkage but not be greasy to the touch, in the meantime I keep trudging on.

I plan to do a braid out on blow dried hair for Christmas (pictures to follow after the big day) but for today, you will have to make do with my current style.

The twist out looked lovely on the day it was done, what I love about twist outs is that you get very even curls but that can also be their downfall IMHO, they can look a bit fake too . . .

I had to do a lot of running around with last minute shopping and ended up getting rained on pretty bad in the miserable Birmingham weather so my style was a wash out by evening, big and undefined. I moisturized, sealed and braided my hair down for the night to get that extra stretch and more ‘natural’ looking curls. Loved the results!

Twist out braid out and wash out

This week I’ve actually been pretty happy with my hair, no complaints at all, you can see that I was smiling in my washed out picture anyway! Maybe it’s because I know that I am due to blow dry it soon, and I’m really looking forward to well stretched hair. Or maybe it’s because it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . everywhere you go 😆  (that song has been on an TV commercial in these parts for the last few weeks and it’s stuck in my head).

Well, next update will be in a few days so have a lovely, lovely Christmas!

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  • bobbye

    your twist out was indeed lovely as was the braid out the next day. I hope you & your family have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Thanks hun, you too!