Hair Today, Failed Wash & Go And Failed Braid Outs

So I’ve had an ‘I hate my hair’ week. Seriously, every day this week was a bad hair day. I’ve gone from one extreme to another. A failed wash and go ( I remember now why I don’t do these), 2 co-washes and 3 braid outs but my hair just didn’t look right.

First off the wash and go. I used to loooove these when my hair was 6 inches long, just after my BC  they were easy and convenient and I couldn’t understand why everyone was not wearing their hair like that! Now however, I believe that they are an abomination of all that is good and holy in this world.

I didn’t think that I was heavy handed with the product that I used but my hair felt coated in layers of gunk, my curls felt weighed down, they did not have their usual character and bounce, not to mention the likely tangling that would follow. Did I mention that I hated the coated feeling? Ewww!

wash n go

The very next morning I co-washed that wash and go right out and braided my hair for what I expected to be the best braid out ever, but sometimes hair just doesn’t want to co-operate and the braid out was a hot mess. I had to co-wash again the following day followed by yet another braid out that was frankly also substandard. I won’t bore you with pics of all of them but this is the last braid out I did a couple of days back.

ponytail braid out

It’s not the worst braid out in the world but I still wasn’t feeling it so my hair was confined to a high ponytail for the remainder of the week. The high pony look is actually pretty nice. Don’t know why I didn’t just do that when it all started to go downhill.

Because of all the co-washes, my wash day has been moved to Monday this week. I’m prepooing overnight tonight on damp hair doused in coconut oil. I’m just not in the mood to delve into making another natural conditioner right now so imma go with the tried and tested Elvive hair mask as my DC. Lord knows my over-manipulated strands need some ceramides this week!

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  • ms bobbye gipson

    Alma, I thought the braidout looked

    • Aaah, I guess that’s why people have bad hair days, perception. lol to me it looked bleh and it felt rough too. Oh well, trying again today!