New Way Of Doing A Braid Out And It Starts With Twists

I’ve had an interesting week so far. Spent more money than I’m used to on various necessities (clothes are necessary right?) and made some productive decisions.

Because of an appointment that I have on Friday in London we are having to do the 3 hour drive this Thursday and come back on Friday. Then next week we are going to the Afro Hair Show also in London so we will have to do the 3 hour drive yet again! I’m not complaining though, I love London and I would move back in a heartbeat under the right the conditions.

You know I couldn’t resist stocking up on my hair products again! I found Tresemme Keratin Smooth conditioner at half price so I picked up 4 jars. My Organix coconut milk serum and Curls Whipped Cream were also running low so I picked some more up from Amazon.

Tresemme keratin smooth conditioner organix coconut milk and curls whipped cream

My braids clearly didn’t last! lol, I think I actually enjoy the act of braiding more than I enjoy having braids in my hair, sigh, I don’t think I will be bothering with them for a loooong while. Well I took out the braids over the course of 3 days and washed and quick conditioned my hair. The week has been so hectic that I didn’t start on my hair until 11pm on Sunday so I just didn’t have time for a proper DC. Naughty me!

I made up for the lack of DCing by ditching my comb and finger detangling while my hair was wet with conditioner in the bath. It was pretty detangled anyway from the braids so it was a breeze really. Afterwards I two strand twisted my hair with Curls whipped cream and let it dry overnight. I was planning to wear twists for the remainder of the week, don’t know what I was thinking!

You guys know that I have very low density hair so my twists tend to look scalpy and awful. I will not assault your eyes with a photo of them. But I had to do something with my hair because I was going to watch Star Trek with Otis so I just undid the twists without separating them.

Actually they were still a bit damp from the night before so separating them would just have resulted in an undefined frizzy mess anyway. The resulting style looked like my hair was still twisted which was cool. Here I am enjoying some rare Birmingham sunshine.

Unseparated twist out

As you can see I’m still rocking my red lippy. I have become quite addicted to it actually, wearing it daily as I do but it’s infuriating Jasmine who also wants some but I told her that she’s not allowed because she’s only 3. ‘But I’m a big girl now’ she says but of course that doesn’t work. For the sake of peace I have let her use my clear lip gloss which she has commandeered and she applies it probably 7 times a day now.

For my appointment on Friday I was considering straightening my hair but Birmingham went back to it’s usual rainy self so I thought I should see if I could do a workaround with curly hair instead. I applied some coconut milk serum and without separating my hair, I braided it down for the night (a double stretch really).

I really love the resulting braid out today. Because I only finger detangled during my wash, my hair clumped readily which made for great definition. Forgive my exposed bra straps but hey, we are all girls here right?

Double stretched twist and braid out

I only wish that I had curled the ends but I will probably have time to do that on Thursday evening before my appointment on Friday. Of course I don’t plan to wear it big and wild, I will pull the front away from my face with a hair clip for a half up half down style. Until next week ladies!

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  • Nadine

    Ahhhhh! loveeee this look Alma. And what did you say was the name of that lip color.

    I want sexy looking lips and hair, like yours LOL I Love IT!

    • Thanks Nadine. It’s called Kate (Kate Moss I presume) by Rimmel London.