Long Time No See – My Results From The Maximum Hydration Method


Maximum hydration method

I won’t start off this post with the usual spiel that bloggers who have been on hiatus start with. You know how it goes ‘I’m so sorry I’ve been away so long” “I PROMISE from now on I will have more posts regularly” “Life got in the way” blah blah. Yes life has got in the way recently and by recently I mean in the last 7 months. Sheesh, has it really been that long? This place is like a ghost town so forgive me while I dust a few cobwebs.

In my defense I was actually blogging regularly in my head, sounds silly but I had posts mapped out every few week on what I would tell you guys, I even shot a few videos that I just never got round to editing. smh

I won’t get into the whole hoopla of why I have been away for so long but being crazy busy is actually the main reason. I’ve had a fair few of 25-26 hour work days, can you even call it a day if it’s been more than 24 hours? In the time I’ve been away, you may have noticed that my company Coils Media Ltd (Listen to me calling it my company like it’s NORMAL to have a company!) launched a hair vitamin called Elongtress and even more recently myself and my good friend/editor Petra also launched a new website Urban Gyal which you should definitely check out if you like opinion based entertainment news and celeb stuff. But enough of plugging my gigs, I know it’s not why you are here.

So my hair…. its been almost a year since I chopped off a sizeable length of my hair taking myself back to BSL. I immediately decided that I wanted to get back to waist length by the end of this year and I’m sure that you are wondering how my progress went. Well, there are a couple of things to consider before I go into where I think I am right now. Since my stint with the scissors earlier this year, I have not been shy about unleashing those babies every few months and I have trimmed my hair, for no other reason than I felt like it, a total of three times more this year. And coming from someone who didn’t trim her hair for the entirety of the first 3 years of my hair journey, it’s saying a helluva lot!

Secondly and probably most importantly, I simply have not been protective styling this year. I remember plopping a wig on my head for two weeks right before Black Friday simply because I was overworked and I simply didn’t have the time to wash or care for my hair but other than that I have worn my hair out and free for the great majority of the year. Do I think I will get to WL by end of December? Probably not but I won’t be far off, I think I will be an inch out which I should be able to conquer in the first quarter of 2015.

You may not be aware but I have also become a fan of the maximum hydration method, or my version of it, which has allowed me to wear my natural texture more often without tangles, knots or all the other drama associated with allowing your hair to shrink up as it pleases. In this video that I shot in the summer (yes it’s been on my to do list since then) I explain the whats and whys and you can clearly see the results I’ve achieved using MHM. Let me know what you think 🙂

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