And I Used To Think That Color Made Curls Pop!

Ok this is a super quick post. Stupidly I went out shopping with the hubs two days in a row earlier this week and as a result I have a to-do list as long as my arm and 20 emails in my inbox still to look at. And they said blogging for a living was glamorous!

If you follow BHI you will have seen my recent post of my experience at the Afro Hair & Beauty show last weekend. Initially I had planned on being there for the two days but it didn’t work out that way as I was brought crashing down with an awful cold, man flu style. I only went on the Sunday but as a result it turns out that I missed Afrobella who was there on the Monday as well as Pelumi from CFYH. Ahh well, maybe next time!

Pelumi and afrobella

My decision to flat iron my hair before going to London was also stupid as it turns out. The place where they held the hair show in Islington didn’t have any AC. Limited seating coupled with my urge to visit every single stall made it a hot sweaty experience. I was only there for a couple of hours and my nape had almost completely reverted after about an hour. The rest of my hair was a poofy kinky straight mess so you know it had to be washed out.

Call it hindsight (or a subconscious knowledge that I would buy a ton of crap that I would have to try) but I happened to have brought along my hair care arsenal to London including a few flexi rods).

My pj-ism was exposed with no protection at the hair show, I’m only grateful that they vendors were only taking cash so I was limited in what I could buy. The good angel on my left shoulder had told me to take only £50 out of the cash point beforehand. (The bad one on my right shoulder tried to say that I should go with £100 but I ignored her).

Knowing full well that I would need to wash my hair, I purchased a full set of hair products on the day. I got Talia Wajid’s African Black Soap shampoo (blah shampoo, not much to say there), a radioactive looking yellow kids leave in conditioner (it left Jasmine’s and my hair soft and I liked it in spite of itself) and the curly curl cream (nothing to write home about but it worked fine). I also got myself a jar of mixed chicks conditioner (why have I not used this stuff before?? I thought it worked only on, well, mixed chicks but it is fab!).

Anyway, I washed and deep conditioned on Sunday night in a steamy hotel bathroom and did a quick braid and curl using the curly curl cream. The cold knocked me for six on the Monday so I didn’t leave the hotel bed all that day and my braids remained undisturbed. On the Tuesday however, I took them down to release one of the prettiest braid and curls I have ever achieved.

I thought the curl popping effect would be muted now that my hair is jet black but not so, this style still rocks if I do say so myself. You would never guess that my throat still felt like sandpaper at this point!

Braid and curl

It still looked cute a few days later after losing some definition to humidity . . .

Poofy braid and curl

But alas, wash day had arrived! Is it just me who feels uncomfortable when someone asks me if I am natural while I’m wearing a braid and curl? I always say yes but quickly followed by ‘But this isn’t my natural texture’. I call my braid an curls ‘faking a 3c’ and even though it’s one of the easiest styles to achieve after washing my hair, I still feel it’s disingenuous to wear it all the time.

So as a penance I am wearing boring twists for the next couple of weeks (yeah right, I just don’t want to deal with my hair for a minute). I just snapped a selfie a second ago but these twists are so ugly I won’t assault your eyes with them at this hour so I may go to the BSS tomorrow to pick up some marley hair and try some havana twists.This was supposed to be a quick post but I have rambled on over 700 words! Can’t shut some people up.

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  • Delilah

    Love the style. Faking a 3c? I totally thought that was your texture! What is your natural texture?

    • Thanks Delilah. I’m a 4a, possibly with some 4b too. My hair tends to wave when clumped rather than coil like a true 4a so maybe somewhere in between 4a & 4b?

  • MsCurlyKat

    Ah, I wish my hair were as thick as yours…I actually have 3c, and if I style it like that it comes out a frizzy poofy mess no matter what I do or use. Yours looks so CUTE like that!

    • You have made my day MsCurlyKat!! I actually don’t have the high density of hair that I see on other ladies online which is why my twists tend to look scalpy and awful but for you to describe my hair as THICK? I suppose it goes to show that everything is relative.

      • MsCurlyKat

        Most definitely! My hair is so fine and thin that when I shampoo it, it looks like it disappears…

  • Shaniqua

    Personally I think it’s ok to do a braid and curl all the time as your go to style. As long as you are clear when someone asks if it’s your natural texture. Pretty curls tho.

    • Thanks Shaniqua. I donno about that I’m actually starting to like big undefined hair too. May just alternate between the two.

  • So pretty! And I love you in a red lip, meant to tell you that on a previous post.

    • Cheers Miss, lippy is about the only thing that I can pull off!