Blending With Weave Hair Is Too Hard

In this humid weather we are having, blending my hair with the straight weave has been a nightmare. After  a day and  a half my leave out hair had already reverted to a kinky straight look and when my hubby said ‘Oh I can see the difference between your hair and the weave now’ I knew I had to do something about it!

No way was I straightening my leave out daily (may as well take the scissors to my hair and save myself the trouble!) I was up late last night fixing my hair. So what did I do? I followed a you tube video on how to make a quick weave wig! Amazing what you can learn by watching a couple of videos. I did the wig exactly like she did in the video only I reinforced my glued on tracks with thread plus I sewed the wig onto my cornrows like a weave. I gave myself blunt bangs instead of the swoop bang that she did in the video.

I absolutely adore it! Now all my hair is protected and I still look fabo, and better yet, I can get my hair wet as often as I like. It was drizzling when I was out today and for the first time I wasn’t in a panic about my hair reverting!

Ok, so this is the finished product and hopefully, I can keep it like this for a couple of weeks.

full weave



On a totally different subject, I am contemplating getting myself a lace wig, possibly a curly one. I just love the idea of having all my hair protected and still look great. I had a lace wig some time last year but it didn’t work out so well. I got a straight one which firstly didn’t suit me at all and secondly I couldn’t hack the glue thing.

On the other hand, until a few weeks ago I couldn’t hack weaves and now I feel like a veteran! In any event, I could always find a way to sew in the lace front so that I don’t have to worry about glue . . . ideas ideas . . .

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  • Hi, I am a lace wig wearer. I also wear my lace wigs wear my lace wigs sewn in. I leave a very small amount of my hairline out in the front, sew a braid around the perimeter of my head, then I sew the edges of the wig to that braid. It amazingly looks very natural. Hope this helps.

    • BHI

      I did that with my afro curly lace wig and it turned out very natural looking too.