I am going to begin heat training my hair!

After a few days of hell with my hair I have decided that heat training is definitely the way forward for me. I did a wash and go a few days ago and while it looked cute, the detangling session after that was like no other! For the first time in my natural hair journey I got a knot that I was not able to detangle with my comb. I was so annoyed but I had to eventually take the scissors to it to get rid of it. It wasn’t a large chunk of hair or anything but I still didn’t like it.

After this disaster and almost swearing off wash and go’s I decided to do a braid out to ‘stretch’ out my hair. Now my wash and go’s have never looked that different from my braid outs so I don’t know how I expected the results to differ, and they didn’t. When I was detangling my braid out after a few days wear, lo and behold, another knot that I wasn’t able to remove. I am extremely patient and I will work on a knot for ages in the hope of saving a few strands but this particular breed of knots I’ve been getting are like no other. Only scissors are able to get rid of them!

Take a look, these pics were taken a few days apart, on the left is a braid out and on the right is a wash and go:

Braid out vs wash and go

Not much of a difference huh? I’ve tried rollersetting before but I dont get hair that I would be willing to wear outside the house and I can only wear braids and twists for so long. In frustration and looking for a solution to these major knots and single strand knots, I hopped over to youtube searching for nothing in particular then came across this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEMRX8KkWCQ

I’ve been following Brittanynic16’s hair on fotki and I was impressed with her progress, she’s got some beautiful hair! She’s had relaxed hair before but says that even though she got to bra strap length, she also experienced a lot of breakage.She prefers heat training.

After doing a lot of research about it I found out the following:

1. Heat training is not heat damage

2. It reduces styling time because it reduces the ‘bulk’ of thick hair

3. It controls or even eliminates single strand knots

4. If done properly, plenty of curl will be left in your hair so you can still wear natural styles

Based on this I am sold. I would never put chemicals in my hair again and I still want the option of wearing my curl out when I want without them costing me length during the detangling afterwards.

I will post pictures of how my wet hair looks before I begin the process next week and how it looks after I have achieved the results I want. It should take about a month to two months in total. Looking forward to it!

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  • Halee

    I saw her videos as well, I'm currently six months post relaxer, I'm seriously consdiering transitioning to heat trained natural hair.

    • BHI

      I think you know my views on heat training. Love it!!