The Inversion Method Results! (Video)

Ok I know you have all been waiting with baited breath (not really) to find out if my hair grew or not. Well before we get into all that, let me reiterate what I did.

For my oil I used my strengthening oil mix because I usually have that to hand anyway and I couldn’t be bothered to do something special for this experiment.

I massaged my scalp every night before bed and let my head drop over the side of the bed. My inversion times varied but I jotted them down on my phone. Here they are:

Day 1 – 5 minutes

Day 2 – 10 minutes

Day 3- 10 minutes

Day 4 – 4 minutes

Day 5 – 5 minutes

Day 6 – 6 minutes

Day 7 – 4 minutes

My hair’s starting length as you may remember from last week’s video was 17 inches, perhaps a smidgen over. And here you can see for yourself the video of the results . . . .

So what do you think? It certainly appears to have worked right? My hair is now at 17.5 inches when measured in a similar fashion to last week but when I measure it from the base to the tip of the longest hair, it seems closer to 17.75 inches.

Still I feel unable to proclaim this a success just yet. I feel that for something like this to be considered a success, I have to be able to replicate it dependably with similar results. The fact that I didn’t really measure my hair in an accurate way that first day gives me a feeling that I can’t really trust a change as small as 0.5 inch, I need to see more!

Am I being ungrateful and way too skeptical in spite of the 1/2 inch that my hair seems to have grown in a week or are my concerns valid?

For the sake of being absolutely sure I will definitely do this again for a week before I can call this result. I also plan to vary the way I have been inverting, this week I will stand and let my head drop instead of the bed version plus I will be using a more ‘potent’ oil mix for hair growth and see if that makes a difference.

Yes I know that technically you are not supposed to do this for more than 1 week but I figured what the heck, I want to live dangerously! lol

Till next week ladies…

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  • Tiffany M

    You are beautiful and I love your accent! I have to do my last day (today) and then I wil straighten my hair and check. I will have to respond to the other post that you sent me. Your hair did grow too! I definitely get what you mean regarding measuring. I am going to do mine again in 3 weeks but tape it that way I know where I held the measuring tape at. However any growth is amazing so I’m happy for us. πŸ™‚

    • Aww thanks Tiffany. You sound like an eternal optimist lol. I hope my results next week prove decisive. Can’t wait to hear what your results are….

      • Tiffany M

        Thank you so much! I have the results for mine now πŸ™‚ I measured the front of my hair and it was just a little over 8 inches. My sides are now 8 1/2 inches and my back is right at 8 inches so it grew. I was just like you “any growth is good growth” but if we all really look at it, the good practices like the massaging instead of scratching our hair can help it grow. I am going to do my simple routine and then see what I measure out at next week. It seems strange that just massaging and tilting over can cause growth, but I think it is believable. It may not be a big visual growth, but it is showing us that it’s growing. I lost a lot of my hair during pregnancy and thought that my hair wasn’t really growing. The thing was it was growing, but it was also breaking off more than it was growing so that is why I am now just passed the 6 inch in 12 month mark. Also, what I’ve noticed was that my hair is not breaking nor shedding like it was. I have been heat stretching every 10-14 days and it’s now easier to detangle and I’ve noticed less hair on the floor and in the comb. If you remember this first picture, I blow dried it and when I did that, I lost soooo much hair. Now, I skip the blow dry and I flat iron it. I wrote about it on my blog. I just braid it up and let it air dry (my hair still likes to tangle when it’s braided and air drying even though I’ve already detangled it this is why I flat iron {stretch not fully flat ironing it} and once my hair is completely dry, that is when I detangle it (again) and stretch it. Now, I’m doing buns that way my hands are out of my head and my hair is not tangling. My hair shrinks up to around 2-3 inches so it looks like I’ve done the big chop again so this is why I’m stretching it. Sorry that I’ve wrote so much lol but I’m saying this to say, even the simple changes or little things can help grow our hair even if it’s just a little bit. I don’t think I will measure it every week lol but I will keep up with the inversion method and measure it to track my hair growth. Happy growing! πŸ™‚

        First pic: August before the protective style challenge. Blow dried (I lost hair doing that)

        Second pic: 2 weeks ago before the inversion method. Flat iron. Skipped the blow dry and simply put 5 braids in and let it air dry and then I flat ironed it.

        Third pic: my hair this week. Same method as above. With skipping the bow dry, I’m seeing wayyyyy less breakage and hair in the comb and on the floor plus it’s tons easier to braid it up because it’s not matting with other strands as it used to.

        • I totally get why you heat stretch Tiffany. I do so myself on occasion, shrinkage is no joke.

          So glad to hear that you got results with your first try. I’m really itching to see what happens to my hair next week….

          If you are able to say that you are now up to 9 inches then I will say for sure that it works! lol But you are right, any growth is good growth and massaging your scalp daily can be nothing but a good thing!

          • Tiffany M

            I will definitely report if it works Nov 7th πŸ™‚ I hope that my hair can grow to 9in by then, if not, then it’s okay. πŸ™‚ I’m going to put it right back into my protective style and rock it and try it again πŸ™‚

  • dee

    I enjoy the videos Alma. I don’t know, I’m skeptical too. I was waiting on your verdict before I try this. Hey, at least its painless and inexpensive right? What I am sure of, is that I have retained length doing the protective styling challenge :D. Love

    • Thanks Dee! Yes you should totally try it for yourself, it’s the only way to know for sure πŸ™‚

  • Chinwe

    Thanks for sharing your results, Alma! It certainly looks like it grew.
    P.S. Even though I don’t comment much, I absolutely love your blog. :o)

    • Cheers hunny! I’m looking forward to testing the results after the 2nd week….

  • Tiffany M

    Did you do another week of this yet? πŸ™‚ I’ve been thinking of you and this method and I wanted to ask. Also, thank you so much for that challenge over on BHI! My hair has GROWN (back in from the post-partum shedding) and just grown all over. I was (am) just like you when it comes to keeping a protective style in. I can’t keep it in for months at a time, but that and then this inversion method has helped me out a lot and also helped me to understand what my hair likes and doesn’t like. I’ve been applying my JBCO on my hairline and within 1 month, I was seeing my hair grow back. It’s not alllll the way in yet, but it’s TONS better than when I wrote you the first time crying because it was completely gone. Now that it is back in (and now that it is long enough to put in a pony), I was able to put a bun on my head and actually show my hairline. πŸ™‚ Thank you sooooo much again!

    • Tiffany M

      I’m doing my next inversion method on the 31st so when that week is over, I will let you know the results. πŸ™‚ I am also going to continue with the protective style (this bun is so hot I’m like awwwww πŸ™‚ ) so even when the challenge is over, I am going to continue it because it’s been totally worth it.

      • Just saw the bun and it rocks!! Wanna try this perhaps next week because I’m due to be back protective styling until the challenge ends officially.

        • Tiffany M

          I say try it! πŸ™‚ When Phoenix is a little older, I want to try some different buns on her too πŸ™‚ They just look so pretty! But I will remember to position them at different places each time that way I am not putting stress on one area of my head. I just love it because its not tight and it actually held up after days of sleeping with it. πŸ™‚

    • Doing a video today hun, hopefully I will have enough time to upload it today too. I have really enjoyed the challenge too, it will be carrying on in the forum anyway and I will put in the link once it’s ready.

      That postpartum shedding is no joke, I remember my panic when my entire hairline disappeared in one morning! Oh well, at least we know what to expect for the next pregnancy!

      • Tiffany M

        Hahaha Post Partum Shedding makes me scared to have another child. Shoot pregnancy wasn’t all that hot. I love the babies. I think that they are such a blessing, but the way my body hurt during pregnancy (even afterwards) I think I will pass for a while…maybe until she is in school then I will see but def not back to back. lol This girl at my high school had 4 babies all 4 years of high school. No no no lol

        • Goodness, a kid each year. smh I could never do that. Jasmine is already 4 and I have very little interest in having another one. Your body is never the same again is it? But yes, kids are a true blessing πŸ™‚

          • Tiffany M

            Yes, 4 babies back to back. After graduating high school and college, I wondered how many kids she has now lol I couldn’t do it even though they are a blessing. And you are absolutely right! Your body never is the same again and it’s sad πŸ™ Although I’ve lost the weight, I still have all stretchmarks and I’m trying to get rid of them asap lol

  • Trey-c Geter

    I, too was skeptical. I tried the Inversion Method at the beginning of October. My hair measured at 7 inches. I didn’t immediately do a length check after 7 days, rather, I got around to it this past weekend…three weeks later. Sure enough, I was just shy of 8 inches.
    I know you’re only supposed to do this for a week, but I wonder how many times can you do this. Monthly?

    • My second week was much less impressive so I think there’s probably some truth to the fact that you are better of waiting a month or so before repeating. I’m definitely going to try again next month to see if I can get a proper result

  • Yay for progress!

  • Cee

    Why is it recommended to use the inversion method only 1 week a month? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • It’s because as the theory goes your body will get used to the new regimen very quickly so by doing it only once a month you are tricking your body into giving you the full inch every month.