I Am Skeptical But I Am Trying The Inversion Method – 1 Inch In 7 days

Some of you may know my misadventures with hair growth supplements so needless to say, I keep a healthy distance from any hair growth techniques that include popping pills. But I’m not adverse to trying other methods of increased hair growth. Growth hacking if you will.

This is the first of a two part video series showing my experiment with the inversion method of hair growth. I plan to massage my scalp with oil and invert myself for 5-10 minutes every single night for 7 days. I will then film a video to show you the results of my experiment, good or bad.

In regards to my baseline projected growth; I usually get 1 inch of hair every 3 months which assuming in very general terms that each month is 4 weeks long, it equates to 1/12 of an inch every week, aka barely visible.

If I get anything above this in the next 7 days, technically I can call this experiment a success. But really I will be looking for something closer to the 1 inch I have seen other ladies achieve on social media.

Having watched the video you will see that I flat ironed a single twist beforehand which was 17 inches long, that’s the first time I have every measured my hair in inches actually!

So that I don’t forget which twist I was testing, I also tied a pink hairband around it after I twisted the section of hair back up. My hair will remain in twists all week so there will be no chance of breakage playing any part in skewing the results of my little experiment.

Do I think I will get a whole inch of hair growth in a week like other people claim to have done? Well I will say this, among other things, I know that the power of thought can be a decisive influence on whether anything one tries works out or not.

I won’t lie, I was initially skeptical that something so simple would work but I am determined to keep an open mind and send some GROW GROW GROW signals to my hair follicles.

Happy growing ladies, see you next week!

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  • Trevene Hope

    I am very curious about this as well. I sincerely wish you success. Please keep us updated

    • Certainly will ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nadine Fletcher

    Oh Alma! I’m so glad you are talking about this. I have been seeing it all over the Internet.
    I will be trying it also…….however I’m not a picture taker. I’m not so Brilliant! in the areas
    of photo shoots, uploading photos and I absolutely failed at Smart Phones etc. LOL
    But I will be doing the Inversion method.

    • Nadine, I’m actually hopeful that this will work, surely those ppl can’t all be lying right? You should get someone to help you with taking photos.

      PS – Join the 21st century girl! Life before smartphones was…well…. impossible!

  • Nadine Fletcher

    That’s Easy for you to say……RIGHT lol.
    I turned in my Smart Phone for a Dumb One. I refuse any longer to have phone smarter then me.
    But I will be documenting this inversion method. I will probably seek some help for the pictures.
    Smile ๐Ÿ™‚ I know folks are curious.

  • Trevene Hope

    you know what, i’m gonna do this its only 7 days right, will keep you guys posted

  • Chinwe

    Hey Alma! *waves* I’ve been skeptical about this method too, but I’m really curious to see your results. If it works for you, I might just try it. :o)

    • Loo, long time girl! I’m doing the length check tomorrow *drumroll*

  • Rachelle Ashford

    They say in ither videos that the method only works for seven days out of the month…this is because your body will adjust to the circulation to the scalp and it will no longer have such a dramatic effect hence the reason why your results were so much more dramatic I. The first week….also I know the warming oil increases blood flow just as heat anywhere else would……