Proof Of My Very Slow Hair Growth!

So I’ve been saying for ages that I only get 4 inches of growth per year and this year I really wanted to prove it. About two weeks into January I decided to take a picture of the roots of my hair.

I had only just colored my hair only a few weeks before so it looked like a good baseline to measure my real growth by the end of the year.

I measured the growth as 0.5 -1 cm or 0.2 – 0.4 inches at the time. Crazy how hair on your head grows at different rates, the very front is about 0.5 cm shorter than the crown area!

Naturally I decided not to color my hair for the rest of the year so as not to skew the results. Below is the picture, you can clearly see where the brown ends and the black begins.

Growth beginning 2012

Anyway, you may also remember that I purchased a bottle of Fast Grow Ethnic Hair Growth Enhancer at the beginning of the year in the hopes of increasing my diabolically slow growth.

I’m not changing my tune in saying that “one needs hair vitamins in order to grow hair long”, I mean I still managed to get to MBL with just a regimen and prayer right? Rather I think that getting such slow growth as I do makes things harder in that your retention has to be absolutely immaculate and second to none in order to show progress at the end of the year. Unfortunately for me that means that I would have to wear protective styles year round in order to make the leap from mid back length to waist length.

Now due to my flaky nature (don’t judge me!) I actually only ever took pills on 3 nonconsecutive days soon after receiving them which of course was not long enough to see any difference. As such I still have majority of the bottle in the medicine cabinet.

On a whim a couple of days ago I decided to check how my growth was doing. Obviously with shedding and a bit of color fade, the line where my new growth meets the old hair is not as obvious in this picture but I was able to see it just fine when I was measuring the length in my brightly lit bathroom. I have added a line to the picture to show you where the colored hair starts.

Growth september 2012


That my dears is 3 inches exactly of hair growth in 9 months! That means that it takes me 3 months to get 1 inch of hair hence by the end of 2012 I should have a grand total of 4 inches growth. Mm hmm, I already knew that.

Now you see why I NEVER trim my hair? Nuff said!

Anyway, going back to my Fast Grow Hair Pills, yesterday was the 1st of October and I finally decided to become serious with them and took them as described in the packaging. Today I also took a dose of these babies and will continue to do so for the rest of the year so help me God. I also plan to implement a pretty strict protective styling regimen which will span 3 weeks out of each month in protective styles between now and end of December. I will also add a 3 times per week green house effect session to enhance the growth.

Now that we’ve determined that my baseline growth is 1 inch in 3 months, if I get any more length than this between now and the end of the year, I will know that it is the pills and GHE that have had their magic effect.

I plan to have my first book out before Christmas so I really want to have some pretty pictures to show on the cover!

Anyway, if you are a slow grower too, take heart. You can still have long hair, just have a pristine regimen and don’t ever trim it.

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  • Tiff Dizzle

    Soooooo u don't ever get split ends? Since u never trim your hair? I just chopped off all my hair on a whim from transitiong for 6 months. I kinda hate it so I'm def looking on how to retain length I've never measured how long hair gets but that's interesting. Right now I'm using half wigs to protective style with corn rows under n I wash and deep con every week and I moisturize with braid spray every day

  • Oh I still do search and destroy type cuts. If I see a split, I will cut that particular strand but I don't do normal trims on schedule like other people do. The process takes longer but it also preserves length.

  • Debra

    Thanks for this post Alma, you have given me more hope than all the videos and blogs that I have seen so far put together! My growth is so slow sometimes if feels like it just doesn't grow. I saw this woman on YT with long hair and her advice was to trim it every month because she cuts hers every months and her hair is very healthy and long. I was skeptical because I know if I did what she does, I would have no hair to cut by the end of the year! hahahaha. Anyway, thanks for this, I will be looking to protective style in a weave for 2 months then give my hair a 2 week rest. Do you think that would be a good regiment?

    • I think I may have seen the same video you did, she had a bang and her hair was natural 3b/c if I remember correctly? Yeah I was blown away by the trimming every month advice. For me that would be a prolonged haircut rather than a trim! lol

      The regimen sounds good but I would actually cut it down to 1 month then take it down to deep condition your hair properly then you can re install the weave, Being a self installer myself, I really don't mind this extra step but if you have to go to a salon, to save money 2 months should be fine. Any longer and you risk matting.

  • Hairchica

    Very surprising, has your growth been this slow all through your hair journey? I've always suspected that my growth is slower than the average 6 inches that everyone else seems to get a year. Since I don't color I doubt there is an accurate way for me to measure my growth but at least now I know that even if I'm a slow grower, I will still hit BSL and ultimately MBL eventually! Can't wait!!

    • Oh yes, I remember in the first year of my journey being pretty disappointed about it. My hair was colored at the time too so I was clearly able to see what my growth for the year had been but even though I had to wait longer than the average person, I still got there in the end!

  • Hairlover7

    I was going to ask if you had used these before and behold, you are! Can't wait to see your progress!

    • You mean the fast grow pills right? I will finish using the current bottle but unfortunately I can't find anywhere to purchase another bottle in the uk at the moment. I have had to buy hair formula 37. Oh well!

  • Choco

    I just started my hair journey and i found your site! I absolutely love it! Lots of great advice here. I have a question though. For GHE daily treatments can I use green tea instead of just plain water or oils? Every I read only spoke about rinses. Thanks much.

    • Yes, sure, as long as you have a source of moisture it should be fine!

      • Choco

        Thnx lots!! :-))

  • Rachel

    Hi Alma, Do you have any suggestions of good hair growth pills/vitamins in the UK?

    • Hi Rachel. I have used hairformula 37 from They used to sell Exotic allure ethnic hair growth enhancer but now they only have the shampoo! To be honest, now I have started taking the supplements separately. I will do a post shortly on what I am taking to boost my growth.

      • The link above hf37 co uk leads to a fraudulent site it is owned by Simon Adlington
        Owner, Cyrano Limited Colchester, UK THIS IS NOT HAIR FORMULA 37. We have contacted them to no avail. Real Hair Formula 37 is made in the USA and has nothing to do with the scam site.

        Mike Trobee
        CEO – Hair Formula 37

  • Mary W

    I just found your article as I was searching for reasons why my bangs and crown are a full two inches shorter than the rest of my hair. Not due to breakage as I wore weaves and wigs and only manipulated to wash and braid back to wear under my wigs. Glad to see its not just me. My bangs used to grow like crazy when I was relaxed until a few years ago, that’s when I started to notice I did’t have to cut them as often. I need then to grow so I can wear my hair out. I have a very high forehead and need my bangs!!!

    • It’s pretty common to have hair grow at different rates Mary so don’t worry your bangs will grow in eventually!

      • Mary W

        Girl, they need to get with the program.

  • Ebony J Ballard

    well I know im not alone, now. Thank you for this article. So many people say stupid things like “I dont t take care of my hair” or “its breaking off”. Neither of those are true as I am not loosing length. My hair grows at a rate of 1/4 inch every three months. I BC all of my hair off in 2010 and I am just now making it to my collar bone. Getting discouraged but still moving forward.

    • I know the feeling Ebony. Perhaps you best try those techniques like GHE or the inversion method to see if you can increase your growth rate. They are certainly worth trying and I will be attempting to do both at the end of this month.