My Goals For 2013

Notice that I didn’t mention hair in the title? Well, my goals this year span both hair and body. Although I hadn’t planned on having a hair length goal this year, I was tempted by a BHM challenge thread.

I seem to join one of these challenges every year then forget about them 2 months later. I never actually forget my goal, but between this blog, BHI and a couple of other sites that I run, I have very little time for forum updating forums but this year however, I am determined to make an effort with the challenge.

So without further ado, my goals for this year are as follows:

hip length goal

1. To reach hip length with the longest part of my hair by the end of December 2013. The red line on the picture on the right is my goal and based on my current length it looks like I would need an extra 4 inches to get there.

2. To get my shorter strands to waist length by end of December 2013. The reason that I have a separate goal for my shorter strands is because I would eventually like to have blunt ends with hair all one length at some point in the future. As I’ve never had a proper haircut, my hair grows out in natural layers and I am bored of them now.

3. To increase my hair growth rate to 5 inches a year instead of 4. I saw only moderate success with the hair pills that I took for the last 3 months of 2012. Some areas had the same growth rate of 1 inch every 3 months while some areas had 1.25 inches. Not a great deal different but intriguing enough to make me want to approach this supplement thing more scientifically. I will write a post about my new supplement regimen once I have received them.

4. To stick to my body regimen and lose 50 pounds by the end of December 2013 – As per my previous post, I realized that the reason that I was unsuccessful with my weight loss attempts this far was because I was approaching them with a ‘diet’ mentality which as we know always ends in failure. Approaching my transformation as a regimen of things to stick to and achieve  on a daily, weekly and monthly basis I believe will give me better results. I am planning to achieve this using a high nutrient density diet which I am also hoping will help towards achieving my hair growth rate goal.

Of course I have other personal and financial goals for this year which I won’t bore you with here but I will be sure to let you know if any more hair or body goals crop up.

I have made major changes to my hair regimen, not least because my protective styles are becoming simpler and simpler but because I want to be able to wear my hair out more often this year.

My hair for the last 3 days has been in a high ponytail with pompadour at the front. Prior to that it was in a single braid down my back, hey if it’s good enough for Indian women who have super long hair, it’s good enough for me!

ponytail and braid protective styles

I will update the changes to my reggie soon.

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