My First length Check Of The Year – BSL!

How strange, when I first started my journey to long hair I used to drool over length pictures of ladies with BSL hair just praying for the day mine would reach that length. Well today is that day and yet . . . . I still don’t feel like it’s long enough! I mean sure, my longest layer at the back is certainly at my bra strap but I feel I wear my bra a bit high anyway. Here is a picture taken yesterday (forgive the back fat, I’m working on it!):

My First length Check Of The Year - BSL


All that aside, maybe I will feel better when my hair is mid back length. I usually only get 4 inches a year so hopefully by the end of the year? I am open to trying some stimulating oils to see if I can squeeze a couple extra inches this year. I hear good things about peppermint oil but the thought of any oil on my scalp makes me shudder. I will have the itches all week! Well I won’t know until I have tried. In any event I will update the blog once I have my final oil mix ready.

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  • marie

    How is the heat training sessions coming along? Your hair looks good by the way!!

    • BHI

      Thanks! Heat training is going great, my hair never reverts half way through the week. Will update soon with my wash and go . . . .

  • Talisha Berry

    I grew my hair from shoulder length to waist length in two years!!
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    And please don’t think that your hair cant grow long. I promise you I
    have the most coarse hair and I was able to do it! It is not about your
    hair texture… its about being patient and consistent with treating your
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