Keeping my hair straight while I work out, an impossibility?

So this week I tried the straight hair look. The first day was fabulous, hair swinging everywhere! However, I’m trying to lose some weight (arent we all!) and as soon as I worked out, my roots reverted instantly. Aveda moisture block is usually fab for stopping reversion in it’s tracks in humid a atmosphere but I guess sweat was too much for it to handle. I suppose because it’s direct moisture. I don’t straighten my hair that often so its not  ‘heat trained’ but I wonder if a product exists that will keep my roots in check even when working out?

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  • Shaela

    Hi Alma! I think that you are doin a great job with your hair. I hve begun my HHJ, a few weeks back. I knw i hve to be patient with it all, the co-washing, minimal manipualtion n heavy treatments ( extremely dry hair shoulder length hair… Shorther in frnt). I am also devoted to my fitness n hve a hard time combing/styling hair after my workouts. My hair is wet frm sweat (yuck) n at its most vulnerable… I knw protective styling is a way to go, but my edges r extremely fragile due to excessive pulling and ponytails.. any advice???

    Thanks So Much

    • Hi Shaela, Thanks! No reason why you can't protective style while leaving your edges out. I leave my edges out every time I do a weave.Crotchet braids or even regular box braids and twists are also good. Let whoever braids your hair know in no uncertain terms not to pull on your edges. You'd rather have them loose and have to redo the perimeter braids after every wash than have them tight and bald by the time you take the braids down!

      I also came to the conclusion that if you are natural then you definitely can't keep your hair straight at the roots if you work out often ( you just have to accept the poofy roots look, lol) otherwise stick with braid outs or other such styles where the poofiness does not matter.

      • Shaela

        Thanks for replying so fast Alma. Rght now I just hve my hair pulled back in a low ponytail. Hvnt gotten braids yet, not sure wht crochet braids are… Last braids i had created an almost bald spot near my edges. Are there any treatments, and or hair supplements i shld b using tht can help grow out those thinning areas???I am current moisturizing n sealin w a mixture of coconut & peppermint oil.

        • There are tons on videos on youtube about crotchet braids. They are definitely less stress on your hair than weaves but again it depends on your braider. Take a look

          On the thinning areas I suggest a mix of essential oils like lavender, peppermint and rosemary mixed with plenty or carrier oil applied to the area every other day until they start growing in again. I am assuming that you are natural but if you are relaxed then I cannot stress enough that you should avoid getting relaxer on the edges until they grow back.

          • Shaela

            Thanks for the great tips Alma… I was thinking smethn close to micro braids but only thicker or sme cornrows… But edges out! Im on my
            journey to beautiful healthy natural hair like u! I hvnt relaxed my hair
            since late february… U can only imagine how awkward i feel with all this
            new growth, and straight hair. Do u suggest taking any supplements to promote hair growth??

          • No problem! I believer that supplements are not absolutely necessary because my growth came without any. Some people find that they work work for them but it depends on how consistent you will be with taking them. I never remember so it was never worth it for me. lol

          • shaela

            Hi Alma!!! I am following ur advice as best i can! I hve a glycerine question, in another post u stated that u shld do a 4:1 ratio… 4 parts glycerine or 4 parts water?

          • No my dear. It's the other way round. 1 part glycerin to 4 parts water.

          • Shaela

            thanks Alma 😉

  • Shae

    Alma, I have printed your Regimen and i am DETERMINED to have BSL! So first, I saw your first picture and my hair looks EXACTLY like that! It's at the edge of my neck which means when I bumpt it under it hits my neck and still goes flat. It's really thick and it has a sandy, dirty brown color. I always joke to people that my hair came straight from Africa because its just that nappy and thick! I don't like sew-ins because they look too fake, but I have decided that since it keeps growing my friends hair out I am going to get one. I bought Carol's Daughter's balm with coconut oil in it and will be using that as my moisturizer/seal come this Wednesday. Questions: What type of maintenance can I do while my hair is in a sew-in? I want to keep it healthy while its in that style. Also, how long is it okay to keep it up and how long afterwards should I leave my hair out to let it "breath"? Is it okay to do back to back sew-ins with a relaxer between them? And how do I know whats good hair and whats not? I tried to go to the Indian Remi hair website, but I'm just not sure about all of this. I'm sure I'll have more questions, but I'll stop there…THANK SO MUCH! Your long hair and pictures have been such an inspiration!

    • Hi Shae. There's a good article here on washing your hair while in a sew in:

      The take home message is use diluted shampoo and conditioner so that it can soak through the braids and get to your scalp better. Since you are relaxed, you can get away with wearing your weave for a maximum 2 months at a time.

      NEVER relax then braid your hair up immediately after. When you use relaxer you lose cysteine from your hair which is the amino acid that responsible for hair's strength. Always give it about 2 weeks in which you must do a hard protein treatment like <a>Aphogee to restore strength.

      Having said that, if you are stretching your relaxers and you don't want to relax between installs, you can just take down the weave, wash and DC thoroughly (protein conditioner preferably) then put back in a weave a week later.