I am so close to buying a ghd


I just want to see what the fuss is about with these straighteners. I hear they get your hair straight and it stays straight for longer. If I could get a weeks wear out of it, bearing in mind that I work out 4 times per week, I will be a happy bunny. Major expensive though about £110 for the ones made for afro hair.


Also running out of my anti humectant so I’m going to buy some more. I’m going to straighten my hair again after washing on Friday, 3rd week in a row! I think after that I will be done with straightening for a couple of months. Actually, I quite fancy some curly braids very soon. I bought them in december and never used them.

Back to the ghd’s, I think I may just get them however, when I went to try and order them from lookfantastic.com it says that the come with free shipping but the shipping charges are added anyway when I put the straightener in the basket! They already cost £110 so I am not paying a penny more! I’ve just emailed the company. We’ll see . . .

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