I Got Married

I don’t often do very personal blog posts but I think it’s worth a mention why my name has suddenly changed from Alma Campbell to Alma Ruddock. It was an ultra small ceremony, nobody was invited (my mum will probably never forgive me!). Me and my husband have been together for so long and we […]

Henna Treatment For Strength And Cuticle Smoothing

I used to love my henna treatments a few years back but once I started coloring my hair with box colors I had to give up the henna because of their incompatibility. Well after deciding that the health of my hair and cuticles is more important than highlights (although I reserve the right to change […]

Length Update End 2011 Beginning 2012

A look back at 2011 and I am kind of satisfied with my progress. I am unimpressed with the retention that I had from my mid year check to end year results because I fully expected to reach waist length by the end of the year but you live and learn! What I learned is […]

Mid Year Length Check

So we are half way through the year and the time has come for a quick look at my progress so far. As I’ve previsouly stated, I only get 4 inches of hair per year but I’m glad with my progress. My hubby finally told me that I had long hair today. Before this he […]

Photos From Straightening With The HANA Titanium

Just a follow up post from the review I did on the 1.5″ HANA Titanium. Here are all the pictures I took of  Tasha on the day. She has 4a/4b hair which was washed in braids, blow dried and straightened with just a heat protection serum: Here is the HANA as it arrived in the […]

My First length Check Of The Year – BSL!

How strange, when I first started my journey to long hair I used to drool over length pictures of ladies with BSL hair just praying for the day mine would reach that length. Well today is that day and yet . . . . I still don’t feel like it’s long enough! I mean sure, […]

Anyone’s Hair Can Grow, Even A Man’s!

But I guess you knew that already? Ok, here’s the shortened version of the story. As some of you may know, I decided to transition after my last relaxer in July 2008. Earlier that year, I met my boo, the wonderful Otis. I’ve always had a thing for long hair in a man so I […]

My Own Hair Straightened, An Update

I got ‘weave checked’ today, by my sister of all people! She asked me ‘is that a weave?’. I said no but she proceeded to dig her fingers into my scalp anyway just to make sure. It was funny but it also got me thinking, is my hair approaching ‘long’ now? My hair touches the […]

The Final Results of Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Well, I can officially say that I am done heat training. Hooray! Yesterday I washed my hair after my BKT of 4 days ago. What can I say about this treatment . . . . I love it!!! If only I remembered the results I’d had with it last year I would have saved myself […]

Wet To Straight, Heat Training And Weave

So I went ahead and straightened my hair last week using the wet to straight flat iron. I was scared as hell and for anyone with a weak disposition, DO NOT TRY IT! The sound of my hair sizzling made me cringe but the instructions on the straightener state that the sizzle is a good […]