I installed my own weave!

I’ve never been big on weaves (on me that is). I go to BHI or LHFC and see all these beautiful installs and I’ve always thought they either cost a fortune or the upkeep is too much of a hassle. Secretly I always thought that installing a weave was an excuse not too look after […]

Silk (Saran) Wrap Treatment

I’m due to wash my hair tomorrow as per my weekly regimen but as I don’t often straighten my hair and I am really enjoying the  straight look now, I would like to see if I can keep it straight for another week (or maybe just a few more days). However, my hair feels like […]

Hair Straightening Update

I know I said I wouldn’t straighten my hair until next month but I decided on a whim that I would like to have a straight hair week. I washed my hair and deep conditioned with the carmel treatment. After co-washing with a cheapie con in the shower, my hair felt so smooth  I was […]

I Tried Curlformers

I got bored of the individual braids after about 3 weeks! I don’t know why I even bother braiding to be honest. I think I will just look after my own hair as it is just for the sake of consistency. I have been wearing my hair in braid out’s since I took the braids […]

My braid out this week

My hair was  incredibly dry after I took the braids down. Sythetic braids are so hard on your hair right? Anyway, I pampered my hair over two days. Deep conditioned on the first night with my olive oil mayonnaise thingy. That solved the dryness but I felt my hair could do better. The next day […]

Oh wow! I got my hair so straight!

  No, I didn’t get the ghd in the end. I decided that I would treat myself to it once I reached a weight loss goal that I’m aiming for. Instead I just got the lovely aveda brilliant anti-humectant from lookfantastic.com as my previous tub had ran out. Today I straightened my hair with my […]

Keeping my hair straight while I work out, an impossibility?

So this week I tried the straight hair look. The first day was fabulous, hair swinging everywhere! However, I’m trying to lose some weight (arent we all!) and as soon as I worked out, my roots reverted instantly. Aveda moisture block is usually fab for stopping reversion in it’s tracks in humid a atmosphere but […]