Is There A ‘Safe’ Way To Wear A Braidout?

Further to my post on the main site about braidouts, I wanted to state categorically that I love me a braidout! I’ve always preferred myself curly not to mention that it is the easiest way to style my hair week in week out. As I said in last week’s newsletter I had a few emails […]

Henna Treatment For Strength And Cuticle Smoothing

I used to love my henna treatments a few years back but once I started coloring my hair with box colors I had to give up the henna because of their incompatibility. Well after deciding that the health of my hair and cuticles is more important than highlights (although I reserve the right to change […]

Wash and go, my own hair

Just a quick update, I was missing my own hair after a month of weaves etc so I unleashed it and did the classic wash and go. I simply washed and conditioned my hair and applied some eco styler gel while in the shower (no combing). Look at the comparison from my wash and go […]

I Tried Curlformers

I got bored of the individual braids after about 3 weeks! I don’t know why I even bother braiding to be honest. I think I will just look after my own hair as it is just for the sake of consistency. I have been wearing my hair in braid out’s since I took the braids […]

My braid out this week

My hair was  incredibly dry after I took the braids down. Sythetic braids are so hard on your hair right? Anyway, I pampered my hair over two days. Deep conditioned on the first night with my olive oil mayonnaise thingy. That solved the dryness but I felt my hair could do better. The next day […]