My Yearly Braids!

It seems that I only get braids once a year. It was around this time last year that I last dipped my toe in the braids pool before I got wooed by weaves. For some reason last week I got the itch again and before I knew it I was rummaging through my old stash. My choices were either some jerry curl packets but my hair is now longer than the braids or some batik super bulk which I cannot now imagine why I bought. Anyway, before I changed my mind, I sat down when my little girl was having her nap and my hubby was upstairs playing call of duty and started installing the braids. Before I knew it I was half way done and at the point of no return. I didn’t like the look of super bulk since I had to braid all the way down past my hair so I used hot water to change the curl somewhat. This is what the braids are supposed to look like according to the batik people


But this is what mine look like:

My Yearly Braids



Not too bad, I’m happy with them. I will keep them in hopefully for a whole month. My usual routine applies.  I spray my braids down with a water glycerine mix daily and wash at the weekends.

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