My new individual braids, and I love them!

After the shenanigans of a couple of weeks ago with taking down the curly braids that I had installed after just 1 week, I thought it would be a good few months before I attempted to braid up again. How wrong I was!

My sister wanted her hair braided and I ended up doing her hair with my not too cheap straight batik braids and she looked gorgeous. I don’t know if it was the memory of her hair or just the fact that in the back of my mind I was determined to protective style for a while but I was straight down the BSS looking for hair.

After going back and forth for ages, I decided on good old ponytail braids. I chose colour 33 (I think), a dark brown in any case and I really love these braids! For some reason I am just not feeling curly braids at the minute but I’m loving the straight ones!

I am determined to have these in for at least 6 weeks. Hope I can manage 8 weeks however but we will see.



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  • Thanks for the tips and suggestion. I will keep visiting on your blog, I enjoy reading it.