Glance Braid Water Wave


I completed the braids finally. You know, I don’t think I will braid my hair with extensions again. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say that because I am exhausted but because throughout the process of braiding, I kept wishing I was braiding just my own hair. When I was about half way through, I almost gave up and started taking them down. Just my hubby conviced me that it looked ok and it was only for a few weeks anyway. I have to agree now that it is complete, it does look ok but I’m still not conviced. Why do I feel that I would have enjoyed twists with my own hair much more. Not to mention that synthetic braids are a moisture disaster for my hair. I have to make sure to get my hair wet daily otherwise I will be in breakage city when I finally take them down. Remember I said that I would keep them for 6 weeks? Scratch that. 4 weeks will be a stretch as it is!


Anyway, the braids are Glance water wave (they used to be my favourite!). I used 2 packs which I cut into half and only a little bit was left over. I don’t think you could do micros with this curl without having way too much hair on your head.

I need to get Infusium tomorrow for my leave in while I have the braids.

Don’t quote me on any of the above because I tend to be fickle and this is just how I feel now! In fact I saw some lovely crotchet braids on LHFC today . . . .

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