Curly Hair Good Straight Hair Better

Quick update. After 20 years of being overweight, I have finally come to the conclusion that no diet will ever work for me. I will shortly be having gastric band surgery (can’t wait). I am starting a new blog about it so if you are interested in weighty issues and the like just mozy over to this address

Now on to more hairy things, I hate to say it but for length retention (based on personal experience) straight hair beats curly any day. Since my last update when I straightened my hair for the mid year length check, I haven’t straightened again. In fact I have been wearing braid outs only. I wash and braid down my hair on Saturday evening, keep it braided all day Sunday and undo on the Monday morning. The style lasts me all week until the following wash day. It was turning into quite the easy regimen but I was getting worried with the increased amount of broken hairs I was seeing.

It’s been about 3 months give or take and for what it’s worth, I was actually really enjoying the routine because of the simplicity but even though I still haven’t straightened my hair again yet, I don’t see any significant difference to the last time I straightened. It doesn’t look like I have lost any length but I haven’t gained any either. Now I know I only get a measley 4 inches a year so I only expected to see 2 inches between July and December but I feel if I’d continued with the braid out routine for much longer, even those 2 inches would have been a dream.

Time to call in the big guns, ultra protective styling until December. I put my hair into little braids ( just my own hair, no extensions) and wore it like that for a couple of weeks. Here is my hair wet from the shower. Such an easy hairstyle, I just add a little gel after the shower to hold the curls. No combing, no hassle and it looks good!

mini braids my own hair


Shortly thereafter, I installed a straight weave. Nothing fancy just some cheap bss hair(I’m only going to wear it for a couple of weeks anyway). Believe it or not, I didn’t actually take all those little braids down. I only took out the ones at the leave out. I cornrowed those little suckers down to make the base. Talk about laziness! After I get bored of the weave and take it down, I will return to the braided roots style.

Here is the result of the weave. Love it but I’m sure it will start grating on me in a couple of weeks with tangling.

Boring weave 2

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  • You really did well caring with you curly hair. The change is just outstanding. Just make sure to use hair care products that won't make your hair brittle. Thanks for sharing!