Birthday Hair – Long Crotchet Braids

It was my birthday yesterday, me and hubby left Jasmine with her nana, we went away for a quiet-ish weekend together. It’s the first time in ages that we have left her and she screamed the house down when she realized that she wasn’t coming with us. It tore my heart out.

I got an ipad for my birthday which I am ecstatic about because I’ve been wanting one of those for the longest time. It was a push for me to put the thing down to write this post on my trusty laptop which is feeling very ignored at the moment!

Anyway, at the weekend I prepped my hair for crotchet braids remembering how easy they were to look after the last time I had them in. This time though I went for long braids. I am planning to have them in for 3 weeks until the weekend of 3rd of November.

What I like about crotchet braids is the ease in installing and removing them plus the fact that you feel like you have complete access to your scalp (for me this is vital). It basically just feels like you are wearing cornrows.

They don’t make for a very natural hairline like partial weaves, they look more like individual braids than a weave. The style could be further improved by creating pretty cornrows at the front then having the crotchets start a bit further back like this here but as you can see I didn’t even make much of an effort with the parting of my cornrows, laziness is alive and well!

However I hope you agree that they look passable and will do the job of protecting my hair very well. As a side note, I have kept up with taking my fast grow hair pills and I’m interested to see if they will make a difference to the amount of growth that I get from now until the big reveal at the end of the year.


Birthday hair long crotchet braids

A word of warning, when you have picked and installed your protective style, DON’T watch youtube videos from your favorite hair gurus. If you are fickle like me, you will be left with a feeling that you have picked the wrong style and get the urge to change it way too soon! I have a hankering for those mini braids that I did with my own hair a while back. Maybe next time.

As a side note, I got sent a product to review in the mail. It’s called Weeevvz (I think that’s how it’s spelt), it delivers product to your hair and scalp while wearing a weave so I am looking forward to trying it shortly and doing a review on the main site.

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