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Alma RuddockHi I’m Alma Ruddock and I am the founder of CurlyCurvy.comBlackHairInformation.com (amongst other sites). I am a writer and a mother. I started my hair journey in July of 2008 with neck length breaking relaxed hair. At that point it had never even occurred to me that black hair could grow long. You either had the genes or you didn’t, I thought. You can find out more about my hair journey here

My healthy body journey has only recently come to an even keel. I used to equate health with weight loss, something that a lot of overweight individuals still believe. Having tried every diet under the sun I was never able to lose very much weight, the most I ever lost was 22 pounds but all weight loss attempts have always stalled on the 3rd week even while continuing to diet followed by rapid rebound to a higher body weight when the diet was ended.

It wasn’t until last year when I got lap band surgery that I realised that my weight had very little to do with what or how much I ate. I didn’t lose a single pound as a result of the surgery so a few months ago, I had the band emptied with the view to having it removed soon.

I have read numerous diet and health books, gone low carb and even became a fat free vegan but the only books that resonate with me are the ideas outlined in The Gabriel Method, Health At Every Size and 180 Degree Metabolism. Essentially I am concentrating on increasing the nutritional content of my diet while using visualization techniques to get my body to work correctly. This has seen my basal temperature (and as such my metabolism) rise from a bone chilling 95.7 to an almost normal 97.5 first thing on waking in the morning. I am aiming to get consistent readings of 98.6 daily to achieve hormonal balance, healing and maybe eventually some weight loss.

I do not have any medical conditions that require medication but I do take homeopathic remedies to deal with a few minor issues (bad digestion, cold intolerance etc.).

I have now abandoned forever any thought of restrictive or disordered eating to achieve weight loss, after almost 20 years of trying it is clear that they just don’t work! I am very early in my body journey but I plan to enjoy it!

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