Chinese Virgin Hair Install & Braiding Pattern

So I wore my kinky curly weave for the last time. As gorgeous as the hair still was, the tangling became too much to bear and I had to take it down. I have had the hair just over a year and in fact it was in November of last year that I boiled it […]

Curly Hair Good Straight Hair Better

Quick update. After 20 years of being overweight, I have finally come to the conclusion that no diet will ever work for me. I will shortly be having gastric band surgery (can’t wait). I am starting a new blog about it so if you are interested in weighty issues and the like just mozy over […]

I installed my own weave!

I’ve never been big on weaves (on me that is). I go to BHI or LHFC and see all these beautiful installs and I’ve always thought they either cost a fortune or the upkeep is too much of a hassle. Secretly I always thought that installing a weave was an excuse not too look after […]