I Have Achieved My Goal – Waist Length At Last!

**Warning** This post will be a picture fest! Exactly 4.5 years ago in July 2008 I discovered the online hair community and I decided to start stretching my relaxers. The stretch turned into a full blown transition with a dream of someday having waist length hair. That day is today (well, last week really) Yaaay!!!!! As I […]

I Got Married

I don’t often do very personal blog posts but I think it’s worth a mention why my name has suddenly changed from Alma Campbell to Alma Ruddock. It was an ultra small ceremony, nobody was invited (my mum will probably never forgive me!). Me and my husband have been together for so long and we […]

Photos From Straightening With The HANA Titanium

Just a follow up post from the review I did on the 1.5″ HANA Titanium. Here are all the pictures I took of  Tasha on the day. She has 4a/4b hair which was washed in braids, blow dried and straightened with just a heat protection serum: Here is the HANA as it arrived in the […]