New Oil Addition To My Regimen – l’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

l'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary OilIf you are on the UK side of the pond you will have noticed all the tv adverts for L’oreal Elvive’s Extraordinary Oil. The PJ in me just had to have it so last week while shopping I picked up a bottle.

It’s disappointing to see a silicone as the first ingredient instead of an oil in spite of it’s name. It does have coconut oil however, and lives up to the tag line ‘Precious blend of 6 flower extracts’ with the flower extracts and soy bean oil in the list too.

The silicone did seem to help improve the  spreadability of the product while reducing greasiness. I used it in my regimen this weekend and first impressions, it’s . . . . ok, not extraordinary.

I’m not a huge fan of the scent, it puts me in mind of floral fragrances of my auntie Jullietta’s face cream when I was a little girl back in the day. Having said that it doesn’t linger and a few hours after application, I couldn’t smell it in my hair at all.

It works pretty well as a sealing oil and it left my hair feeling smooth and despite the cones it’s very light and didn’t weigh my hair down.

If you are a natural who has coarse hair that won’t hold on to moisture I wouldn’t suggest using this oil on it’s own. I would go for the 3 layer moisture and seal using a creamy leave in underneath.

The ads say that you can use it as a prepoo before washing your hair as well and that’s how I plan to use it this weekend. Will I buy another once this bottle is finished? Definitely maybe!

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