My Product Junkiesm Rears It’s Ugly Head Again – My Hair Product Haul!

Years ago I thought that I’d finally beaten the product junkiesm that plagued me during my early years of being natural and by and large I have remained free of it in the last few years. But I need a PJ Anonymous meeting right about now.

Since BHI is currently partnering with CURLS products, a few days ago I decided that it was about time that I tried some of them for myself. Since my nearest Target is about 3500 miles away across the Pacific it became evident that I would have to order the products online. Amazon was happy to oblige and I purchased the Curls Whipped Cream & Cashmere Curls Jelly.

For the last week or so I have noticed a downward trajectory in the health of my hair. I definitely have a tad more breakage than I’m used to or comfortable with so I’m coming up with a battle plan to fix the issue. The way I see it, the breakage is caused by either:

1. My hair not adapting well to this ‘washing less often’ regimen and is crying out to be washed weekly.

2. My hair is in need of another protein treatment much earlier than expected.

Or possibly it’s a bit of both. Without a doubt it’s a regimen issue. Remember that I used to alternate between a protein and a moisture DC every single week but now I am getting protein just once every 3-4 weeks which is a drastic reduction.

That coupled with the fact that I have not been protective styling in the classic sense is definitely causing problems. Even though I am doing a lot of no-restyle-necessary hairstyles like braid and curls or straight braid outs, I am still wearing my hair down most days which makes the styles more low manipulation than protective.

Here’s my hair today. This is what my braid out looks like when I use shea butter on the ends to stop them curling up. I get less knots and more length this way but I tend to prefer a braid and curl because it’s cuter. Still, not a bad hair day by any stretch. My hair is soft big and fluffy so I’m happy;)

Shea butter on end braid out

I am one to nip things in the bud before they get worse so I went into the BSS fully intending to either replenish my supply of Aphogee Two step or invest in a decent protein conditioner. Not only did I buy both but I also got a tub of Beautiful textures whipped curl creme, beautiful textures moisturizing shampoo, JCBO and a black microfiber turbie twist (for my henna’s, I’ve got a white one for weekly use). The conditioner that I bought in the end was Lustrasilk hydrate therapy deep conditioner.

hair product haul

My two CURLS products haven’t even arrived from Amazon yet but I sit yet I sit here with 6 products I could conceivably have done without. I totally would have bought more too if my husband hadn’t come in to demand what was taking so long. Men . . .

Sigh, just goes to show once a product junkie always a product junkie. Disgraceful I tell you!

Anyway my battle plan at the moment is to step up my washing and DCing routine until my hair behaves as it’s supposed to. I am aiming for once a week (with possibly a cowash in between if I can scare up the time).

Watch this space . . .

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  • Ageinatl

    “My nearest Target is about 3500 miles away across the Pacific”…LOL! I take for granted that I can just jump in my car and be at Target in under 15 minutes. No boats needed! I too just recently went crazy buying new products. It’s bad…but it feels SO good! I bought the BASK deep conditioners, my Camille Rose hair milk, more as I am coconut wash, a sample of the Koils by nature leave in, the darcy’s botanicals pumpkin seed conditioner AND the curl junkie olive and argan oil conditioner. You know, when I type it all out, it sounds even WORSE.

    • Lol. It’s probably just as well that I don’t live near a Target, imagine how much worse it could be. Ha ha ha You are totally a PJ, just in denial for now!

      • Ageinatl

        You are so right! LAWD help me, I have a problem. I have been clean for like 6 months and I have totally relapsed!

  • Candice

    I blame places like Amazon and Target! there’re evil I tell you! lol