Henna Treatment For Strength And Cuticle Smoothing

I used to love my henna treatments a few years back but once I started coloring my hair with box colors I had to give up the henna because of their incompatibility. Well after deciding that the health of my hair and cuticles is more important than highlights (although I reserve the right to change my mind), I decided to go back to good ole henna.

I hear lots of you complain that henna leaves your hair dry and hard but I’ve always used a touch of conditioner or a couple of tablespoons of oil in my henna mixture. It leaves your hair feeling soft and coloring is not affected either so win win. Occasionally I will do a henna gloss which involves more conditioner than henna in the ratios. Glosses are easier to apply than straight henna and always leave my hair soft and strong with so little breakage it’s no joke!

This time my straight henna mixture consisted of 1.5 packs of henna powder (pure henna), a tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil for the ceramides. I only allowed the henna to color release for 4 hours before applying to my hair but 24 hours is usually better for a deeper color. I applied the mixture and kept it in overnight, in fact I had the mixture in my hair for just over 12 hours. If I’m in a rush and need to rinse the henna off quickly I will sit under the dryer for an hour to allow for faster penetration. And they said heat was band for your hair!

I had forgotten how endless and frustrating the rinsing process was with straight henna is. It took me a good 40 minutes to get the water to run clear (another reason I prefer henna gloss over straight henna) but the results are so worth it.

Here are a couple of pictures of my ponytail before and after the henna. My hair is straightened in the first photo. In the second, I blow dried and did a braid out:

Henna Treatment For Strength And Cuticle Smoothing

Yummy color!

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  • Both of your henna treatments look very good. I am thinking of trying henna
    because of all the great things I have heard. One young lady in the black hair,
    hair forum said her hair is growing, faster then it ever has. She believe it's due to the henna.

    • BHI

      Thanks, wow, wouldn't mind getting faster growing hair!

  • Farrah

    Hi Im am transitioning from permed hair, about 6 months without a perm. I wash, blow dry, and straighten my hair every two weeks, but I realized my hair is falling out alot. It is also really hard to wash, because of all the tangling. I have really been debating if I should get a keratin treatment to match the two textures. Would you recommend doing so?  

    • BHI

      I did my first BKT when I was transitioning actually but in retrospect, I wouldn't recommend it. On the one hand it made my hair much stronger but on the other, all the manipulation it took to put the treatment in my hair was not be worth it because of the breakage. It was a wash. 

      Also because BKT doesn't straighten your natural hair to anywhere near the relaxed texture it only slightly loosens it so your hair will tangle because the line of demarcation will still be there. It's the nature of the beast which is why I chose braids and weaves for majority of my transition

  • Pamela

    Hi do you have a contact e-mail for questions

    • Hi Pamela, I prefer that questions are asked either in the comments section of this blog or the main site or at the forum. That way everyone can benefit from the responses!

  • Choco

    Do you use indigo with the henna? along with cassia or anything else besides the regular henna with lemon n oil?

    • No I used to use indigo before when I wanted a darker brown on my colored hair but not any more because I like the current color.