Brazilian Keratin Treatment And Review Of Virgin Curly

Well after wearing the virgin wavy hair for about 2 weeks which seems to be the average for most of my installs, I am in a position to give a review. I absolutely loved it!!! I don’t think I will want to waste money on BSS hair again because this hair is freakin awsome. I […]

Review of the kinky straight hair

Ok, after wearing the kinky straight hair for 3 weeks, I am in a position to give a review on it. I have to say firstly, I expected more. When you spend over $100 for a pack of hair, you expect it to be the business. This hair was not, it was very average indeed. […]

Wet To Straight, Heat Training And Weave

So I went ahead and straightened my hair last week using the wet to straight flat iron. I was scared as hell and for anyone with a weak disposition, DO NOT TRY IT! The sound of my hair sizzling made me cringe but the instructions on the straightener state that the sizzle is a good […]

Heat Training – Session 3

My third session went by without a hitch. I cannot honestly say that I see much of a difference in my hair. Well maybe the back section hangs a bit better but my ends are still as coily as ever! Another thing is I got totally bored with wearing straight hair so the day after […]

Welcome To!

Hi I’m Alma Ruddock and I am the founder of & (amongst other sites). I am a writer and a mother. I started my hair journey in July of 2008 with neck length breaking relaxed hair. At that point it had never even occurred to me that black hair could grow long. You either had the genes or you didn’t, I thought. You can find out more about my hair journey here

Heat Training Hair – Session 2

My first week went by quickly and uneventfully and before I knew it, it was heat training day again. I was feeling brave so I decided to wash my hair in just the 8 braids below:   As soon as it touched water, my hair reverted like crazy! It seems the ghd’s low temparature of […]

Heat Training Hair – Session 1

I did my first heat training session on Thursday. It was an interesting experience. I washed and conditioned my hair on Wednesday evening, I was going to deep condition but my 11 month old daughter wouldn’t let me! My hair was already straightened from the week before and I had no intention of detangling so […]

I am going to begin heat training my hair!

After a few days of hell with my hair I have decided that heat training is definitely the way forward for me. I did a wash and go a few days ago and while it looked cute, the detangling session after that was like no other! For the first time in my natural hair journey […]

Wash and go, my own hair

Just a quick update, I was missing my own hair after a month of weaves etc so I unleashed it and did the classic wash and go. I simply washed and conditioned my hair and applied some eco styler gel while in the shower (no combing). Look at the comparison from my wash and go […]

Afro Kinky Curly Lace Wig

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a lace wig! Yes, it’s an afro kinky curly one from a lovely Chinese vendor called Rex, got his website address from BHM. Anyway, I ordered it in 1B, 14 inches with light brown lace. To tell you the truth, I was torn between ordering the wig or […]