Why I Need To Think Of My Body Like I Think About My Hair

I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that you did too! There was great food, wine, family, laughs, arguments. You know, the usual. I will do a post with my end of year hair length check in a couple of days, hint, it’s great news!

But for now, back to the business of my body and health. Over the holidays, I got to thinking about things from a different perspective. I never doubted that my hair would grow long. I didn’t sit and stare at my short breaking relaxed hair 4 1/2 years ago and think that there was no way that my hair would ever grow as long as the ladies I’d seen in the forums.

In spite of my starting length, I was able to clearly picture the length that I wanted my hair to be. At the time my ultimate goal was mid back length which was achieved pretty easily in my estimation.

As my hair journey whittles down to a close it occurred to me that the reason I have probably never seen success with weight loss is that I have never really believed that I could do it.

I’ve seen my fair share of weight loss stories both in real life and online and the methods they used to get their success varied widely. The problem is that I kept looking for a common denominator, maybe a food that they were or were not eating in order to lose weight or a particular exercise or even a pill. Of course the snake oil I was looking for just didn’t exist.

It’s along the same lines as someone who starts their hair journey and starts to look for that one product which will make their hair grow like crazy without them having to put in the work and effort to protect their strands. Failure is usually the result.

Why am I always keeping an eye out for snake oil? I seem to want a product that promises that I will burn fat in my sleep when what I really need is to believe that I can lose the weight.

The first step for me is to have a goal weight or body size. Some people go with pictures of themselves when they were younger and slimmer, I’ve never been slimmer so with that in mind I had someone superimpose my face on my ideal body. lol

beach body

Don’t laugh, it looks strange I know and in case you are wondering, that’s Beyonce’s body a good few years ago! lol

Anyway, by looking at this image every now and then I will be making my intentions clear to both conscious and subconscious minds. There can be no doubt now that I am starting my body journey to slenderness.

Enough of looking at myself in the mirror and sending hateful thoughts at the overweight individual, instead, I will look at myself and picture myself as I wish to look in a few years.

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  • Tuawa

    I understand what you mean! I’m at that place right now but I want to take it slow. I love the idea of having a picture of where you want to be, it’ll keep you motivated. Congratulations on reaching your waist length goal; I’m just about to start my hair journey (http://www.iamtuawa.com/my-hair-xperience/). My hair is so badly damaged and I’m hoping to get to a healthy waist length too. I don’t know if I can start a HHJ and fitness journey at the same time but i’ll give it my all. All the best on your fitness journey.

    • Hi Tuawa. Thanks for your comment. Actually I think it is entirely possible to do them both at once. They actually complement each other. If you are eating well then it has the potential to boost hair growth rate and the quality of hair that grows. If I had started a fitness journey on the day that I started my hair growth journey 4.5 years ago, I would probably have got to my body goal before my hair!