Straightened the weave

I corrected the weave slightly. I didn’t like the idea of having so much of my hair out so I braided down the sides leaving only the sliver of hair at the top for blending purposes.

The weave hair was shedding and seemed to be breaking too so I figured that it was a bit dry so I decided to co-wash. I didn’t expect it to help but surpisingly, after the wash and blow dry with a smoothing serum, the shedding and breakage is gone! On a whim I decided to just straighten out the waves in the hair and it looked lovely!

Here are a few pics:

Straightened the weave




On another topic, I already know what my next install is going to be. Its the Real Hair Online Afro kinky hair. I saw it on a lady on BHM and it matched her 4a hair to a tee. Basically it seems that with this hair, after a wash, all I have to do apply my usual styling products and that’s it! I know I know, its not likely to be that simply but a girl can dream . . . .

I will buy the hair anyway and update when I install it.

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