Chinese Virgin Hair Install & Braiding Pattern

So I wore my kinky curly weave for the last time. As gorgeous as the hair still was, the tangling became too much to bear and I had to take it down.

I have had the hair just over a year and in fact it was in November of last year that I boiled it go give me those lovely curls.

I’ve worn the hair probably 3-4 times in that year, each time for just a couple of weeks (I can never keep weave in longer than that!).

But as I retire one of my favorite weaves, I am saying hello to a new arrival. I ordered 1 pack of 18 inch and 1 pack of 16 inch Chinese virgin hair from qdhairbeauty and as always the hair arrived promptly in 3 days.

I colored the 16 inch to match my own hair color and her are the results, Dont the the brash color fool you, in natural light it actually looks quite subtle and matches my own color beautifully.

virgin-chinese-hair-november-2011 (2)

I used to think it was impossible to hide hair under a weave once it got to bra strap but I have found out that it all depends on the braiding pattern! I also blow dried my hair straight to reduce the volume because it’s thick. This is the pattern that I went for:

braiding pattern

The ‘tails’ were sewn down onto their corresponding cornrow all the way round and back again. You would think that the base would be pretty bulky after that but it was one of my best braiding jobs yet!. The tails left un-braided at the back are just the perimeter that I am leaving out along with my horseshoe at the top.

Installing the weave just took an hour and a half or so and here is all the hair in:


weave installed

And this is after my own hair has been straightened to blend and curled:

Virgin chinese weave install 2

And here is a couple of shots of the nape which will be great if I want to wear my hair in a ponytail:

Virgin chinese weave install 5

In terms of quality of  the hair, I have absolutely no complaints. Emily has always treated me right and as such I’ve found no reason yet to try elsewhere. She reinforces the wefts with glue for you before it arrives so shedding has been non-existent and tangling has been minimal. When I try to compare it with the milky way hair that I had on a few weeks ago, it’s laughable. Where the bss hair seemed to get worse and more tangly after a wash, the virgin hair gets better and it acutally behaves better without much product in it. I’ve found that a bit of silicone serum before the blow dry is all that’s needed. I’ve had the weave on for just over 2 weeks now. I’m going to take it down this weekend, it’s time for me to look after my own locks for a while.

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