Brazilian Keratin Treatment And Review Of Virgin Curly

Well after wearing the virgin wavy hair for about 2 weeks which seems to be the average for most of my installs, I am in a position to give a review. I absolutely loved it!!! I don’t think I will want to waste money on BSS hair again because this hair is freakin awsome. I don’t usually rave about anything but the hair deserves it. I have worn it in it’s natural wavy texture, very curly and staight and all those times it remained shiny smooth and barely tangled. Obviosly no hair, not even my own hair growing from my scalp is excluded from the gods of tangles’ handiwork but I certainly didn’t have a birds nest at the back and I could always get a comb through it. I also coloured the hair to match my own highlights but it didn’t affect the hair negatively.

My leave out at the top was way too big. It gave a very natural look but was a nightmare to straighten every time I washed which was every other day. Another thing is that regardless what I used to straighten it, my hair will always revert to kinky straight after a day or two so I think I would be better placed to try not leaving any hair out maybe try an invisible part?

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

The install with a  giant leave out at the top and sides. After straightening, I did 6 bantu knots overnight for a curly look. I also wore this hair stick straight  and with waves at the bottom only



virgin wavy weave install


Anyway, the weave is out now for reinstall at a later date. I bought and received 10 packs of virgin curly hair from a supplier in india. He’s one of those suppliers that you have to buy 1kg minimum from so I have 8 packs of hair that I suppose I am going to have to sell! My next install in a little while will be 2 packs of the virgin curly I received hopefully with a sewn in invisible part if I can master the technique. The virgin curly is beautiful but more on that in my next post.

Anyway, getting back to my initial problem of heat training my hair, I’ve done 4 sessions already (session 1, session 2, session 3 & session 4) with very little results to show for it. When I was transitioning, I did a brazilian keratin treatment (bkt) the formaldehyde free version from this website. At the time, blissfull in my ignorance of single strand knots and the other challenges of natural hair care I decided to myself that I hated the bkt and washed it out with plenty of salt and conditioner which brought my curls back straight away. Anyway, I still have plenty of the treatment remaining so I thought I would give bkt another chance a few days ago.

I did the treatment my own way I didn’t exactly follow the classic procedure. I washed my hair and air dried overnight. Re-dampened my hair the next day and applied the treatment in 4 large sections of my hair and combed through to distribute evenly. I then blow dried my hair and after applying a serum to my hair, I flat ironed in small-ish sections passing over just 5 times instead of the usual 10 (I was in a hurry) with some sections near the top only having 3 passes. Here are the final results:

blow dried and flat ironed hair



My hair never gets dead straight, as you can see it’s still kinda kinky straight. It feels heavy and light all at the same time which is weird. I can definitely tell that it is coated so I cannot wait to wash it in a few days to see the state of my curls . . . . Also, my hair is really coming in now, hopefully I will be at BSL in a few months!

In my next post I will show my curls after my bkt plus more info on the virgin curly hair I bought, maybe one of my readers will be interested in buying some of the surplus hair or else it’s going on ebay!

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  • matie

    OMG I love how smooth it looks. Keratin treatments are the single best thing that can happen to your hair. I've been using Maxliss keratin for months and my hair has never looked better. I'd suggest you try it along with their line of Taip product

    • BHI

      Thanks, I'm already sold on keratin treatments! Thanks for the tip about maxliss, once my bottle of zene is finished, I will try it.

  • Lalayinise

    Your hair looks beautiful. Where did you go to buy the hair?

  • Brittney

    How long did the hair last for you? Im thinking of ordering the tighter curl!! 🙂

    • BHI

      I've still got the hair actually, but I've only worn it twice so well over a year now.

  • hairbyalexhair

    Im a mother of two and I live in Orlando,
    Florida. Beside the fact that im from the carribean and my hair is super curly,
    unruly, and, thick. The moisture that we have here in Florida doesn’t help put
    one bit. I was in the salon on a Friday doing weekly routine (blow-drying and
    ironing my hair) when my hair stylist recommended that I do the Natura Organic
    Hair Care system, He promised that all my hair problems will vanish into thin
    air once I do the Natura Keratin Treatment. As desperate as I was to tame my
    hair I said yes no questions asked. He proceeded to do the Natura Organic Hair
    Care System on my hair and In a period of two hours I had the best hair ive had
    in my life. My hair became absolutely lovely, its very well tamed, extremely
    shiny, and super smooth, that right there is every girls wish. I have had
    several personal friends do the Natura Keratin organic system and they can’t
    stop raving about it. If this process is something that would be perfect for
    your hair type and you live in florida, most salons are offering this process
    for an average of about $200 dollars.

    • BHI

      thanks my dear but I live in england! lol

  • curious

    i want to know how you transitioned from relaxer to being natural and are you going back to relaxer.

    • I transitioned with braids weaves and occasional straightening. No I have no plans to relax again. I would be a fool to do so considering how much easier I have found it to grow my hair as a natural!